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Canadian Man Alleges Hospital is Pressuring Him to End His Life by Assisted Suicide

A Canadian man with a disability affecting his brain and muscles is suing the hospital treating him, alleging that healthcare workers at the facility...

Will God Forgive Me For My Abortion?

It's easy to think that you've done something so terrible that God would never forgive you. After all, abortion is murder, and what sins...

Boston College Student Says Babies Who Survive Abortions Should Die Because They Aren’t Babies

In a recent dialogue between Students for Life of America (SFLA) and a student at Boston College, a student at the microphone was asked...

(BANNED VIDEO) Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons | Full Short Film

After months of battle, Created Equal Films has overcome attempts by Hollywood media elites to ban the film Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons. Today,...

Teen Gets 65 Years For Killing Girlfriend Because She Refused to Get an Abortion

A teenager who pleaded guilty to killing his girlfriend, 17, and their unborn baby because โ€œshe left it too late for an abortionโ€ was sentenced on Tuesday to...

Evangelicals Lining Up Behind Moral Leader, Nancy Pelosi, To Impeach Trump for “Immorality”

Unless your head has been under a rock for the last year, you're aware of the growing push to impeach the current president, Donald...

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