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Rosaria Butterfield Publicly Repents of Using Preferred Pronouns, Urges Others to do the Same

Rosaria Butterfield has been a vocal voice over the years in Evangelicalism as she, a former practicing lesbian, has been outspoken in Christian circles...

Rosaria Butterfield Retracts Her Former Anti-Conversion Therapy Position, Now Embraces “Freedom in Health Care”

Rosaria Butterfield in 2014 wrote an article published at The Gospel Coalition referring to the practice of homosexual "reparative therapy" as a "heresy." In...

Why Having Pronouns in Your Bio Demonstrates Foolishness, Unbiblical Worldview

If you spend any time on social media, as admittedly, I do, then you probably see the constant back and forth between conservatives and...

NIH Study Concludes Repentance From LGBTQ Not Associated With Increased Depression

In 2015, Southern Baptist leaders including Al Mohler, Russell Moore, JD Greear, and others broke bread with the LGBTQ community and apologized for holding...
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Son of Former SBC President Comes Completely Out of the Closet, Admits He’s a Homosexual

We've all known for years that Jonathan Merritt, the son of the former Southern Baptist Convention president, James Merritt, was a flaming homosexual. And...

First, TGC Pushes Gay Singleness, Now, Single-Parent Adoption

Back in January, The Gospel Coalition began an endeavor to promote single-parent adoptions and enlisted a gay Anglican priest as the poster child for...
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