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Rosaria Butterfield Names Preston Sprinkle, Revoice, and CRU as Teaching Heresy on LGBTQ

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Last Friday, author and speaker Rosaria Butterfield spoke at the convocation for Liberty University. Rosaria Butterfield is a former tenured professor of English and women’s studies at Syracuse University who became a Christian in 1999. Her conversion story, which includes leaving a lesbian lifestyle, is detailed in her memoir, “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert.”

After coming to Christ, Butterfield quickly began a career in Evangelicalism where she would speak about her conversion story. However, she quickly became caught up in the wrong crowd at outlets like The Gospel Coalition and a lot of her teachings, she has even admitted herself, were false teachings. In recent years, Butterfield has openly and publicly repented of teaching several false teachings, including the notion that homosexual desires, in and of themselves, are not sinful unless you act out physically on them.

In short, Butterfield has taken a sharp turn toward biblical orthodoxy on the subject of sexuality and gender and has urged others who continue to teach these false teachings to follow her lead in repentance. Yet, during her speech at Liberty University, she acknowledged that many are obstinate in and continue to teach certain “lies” and “heresy.” Of these, she named three entities: Preston Sprinkle, Revoice, and CRU (formerly Campus Crusade).

At The Dissenter, our own scrutiny has unmasked the troubling agendas of figures like Preston Sprinkle and organizations such as Campus Crusade (CRU) and Revoice, all of whom are guilty of propagating doctrines that blatantly contradict biblical truths about LGBTQ issues.

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Preston Sprinkle has emerged as a chief architect in the erosion of biblical integrity regarding sexuality. As an original advisory board member of Revoice, he has been at the forefront of distorting the Christian view on homosexuality, pushing a narrative that defies the clear teachings of Scripture. Sprinkle, through his Center for Faith, Sexuality, & Gender, peddles the dangerous notion of ‘Side B’ gay Christianity, equating open homosexual living with faithful Christian practice. His activism, including hosting panels with homosexuals and “transgender” people who openly and publicly live in sin while affirming them as “Christians,” is a direct assault on the biblical understanding of sexuality and Christian living.

And then there’s Campus Crusade (CRU), now a shadow of its former gospel-centered self, which has degenerated into a breeding ground for leftist ideologies. Our investigations have laid bare CRU’s transformation into a political machine, aggressively pushing LGBTQ activism and cultural Marxism. By indoctrinating students with lies that homosexuality aligns with Christian teachings, CRU has blatantly rebelled against the foundational truths of Scripture.

And of course, Revoice, which stands as a crude emblem of theological and moral decay, pushes the envelope in promoting “gay Christianity.” Its advocacy for homosexual Christian relationships and the inclusion of openly LGBTQ people in church life is nothing short of a rebellion against God’s design for marriage and sexuality. Their claims of homosexuality being a divine gift and their promotion such things as “queer-oriented marriage” and “celibate” same-sex intimate relationships is a drastic denial and perversion of biblical sexuality.

And Rosaria had some pretty strong words for these people:

Have you ever heard that same-sex attraction is a sinless temptation and only a sin if you act on it? Or that people who experience same-sex attraction are actually “gay Christians” called to lifelong celibacy?

Or that people who experience same-sex attraction rarely have ever changed and therefore should never pursue heterosexual marriage? Or that sex and gender are different and that God doesn’t care about whether men live as men and women live as women because all you need to do is grow in the fruit of the Spirit as though the fruit of the Holy Spirit can grow from sin?

I have heard all of these lies—and just in the last year from Christian ministries. And this is where I name names and I’m an English professor so I call this “citing my sources.” Revoice, Preston Sprinkle’s Exiles and Babylon Conference sponsored by his heretical Center for Faith, Sexuality and Gender and CRU.


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