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Lecrae and Friends Explain Why Black People Shouldn’t Have to Pay Any Taxes

by | Feb 6, 2024

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Our favorite “rapper who happens to be Christian,” Lecrae, is at it again with his wild explanations of why black people deserve reparations. A few years ago, you may remember that Lecrae, who is worth millions according to Celebrity Net Worth, joined the CEO of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, for a virtue-signaling fest where Cathy literally groveled at the feet of Lecrae pleading for forgiveness for being white while shining his shoes.

And Lecrae later responded on a podcast with a confirmation that Cathy’s stunt was nothing more than virtue-signaling and he doesn’t want people to shine his shoes. Of course, he doesn’t, because that’s stupid. Here’s what Lecrae said:

I talked to him immediately afterwards and I let him know my thoughts. Because he felt like…man…there were so many things in that conversation that needed to be addressed. I got my shoes shined. Dude tried to shine my shoes and I was like, ‘Yo, bro, we want Chick-fil-a stock. We don’t want shoe shines.’ You know what I mean?...There were so many little things that we had to discuss…One of the things I was trying to communicate to him was…we can’t be doing this virtue-signaling of just having conversations about race so it look like we’re on the page. We really gotta be about this.

So. Chick-fil-A stock…sell all you have and give reparations to black people…no virtue signaling…you can see exactly where this is going.

Well, now Lecrae, Inc. is moving beyond shoe shines and even beyond company stock. Lecrae, whose identity is completely wrapped up in his identity, says that black people shouldn’t have to pay any taxes as a form of reparations. One of his guests makes the absurd suggestion that it won’t cost white people more because they won’t have more taken out of their paychecks. Instead, just don’t make black people pay anything. Basic economics anyone? That loss has to be made up somewhere. 🤡

Here’s the clip:

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“There’s been no compensation for what our, you know, family has endured,” Lecrae said, “you know what I’m saying? ” Then his guest jumps in to say “Black people shouldn’t pay taxes. That’s my first easy reparation.”

Lecrae responds, “That’s a good reparation.” The conversation then goes on to include a lengthy explanation of why ALL black people deserve reparations because of some unverified event that happened 6 generations ago in Lecrae’s family.

They shouldn’t have to pay taxes. I’m with that. I’m with that. So nobody gotta give no checks out of account. Just don’t make this pay taxes. And when people struggle with this concept, cause let’s be real, we all have white friends.

We all are involved in circles of, influence, affluence. Yes, of different white friends. And it’s interesting, cause we get to have these conversations that people don’t get to have publicly. So the internet is like shaking fingers and we are sitting down across the table with like having these conversations on a regular basis.

On a boat anywhere, wherever. So one of the things that I was just recently sharing with one of our friends is that my great, my four times great grandfather, he was, he owned 80 acres of land. 80 acres, he was schemed against and said he owed $57.

And they plotted against him because they was jealous of this land. Said he owed $57, created a case against him and then lynched him for 57 bucks. We lost all 80 acres of land in our family and he was lynched for $87.

His wife tried to go and hide again. She ended up disappearing, which we learned later she was killed. So all of their children raised each other. You know what I’m saying? And so people then look at us and say, how can you demand reparations?

I’m like, well, I mean, if you think about it, 80 acres of land was just taken from our family and my three times great grandfather was just murdered. So you know what I’m saying? So I was like, bro, how do you, what do you want me to say?

Let’s assume this story is true—and while lynchings certainly happened, from my experience, the majority of these stories from people like Lecrae are made up. If this story is true, it isn’t universal and it doesn’t mean that all black people are owed compensation from all white people.

This is the fruit of Marxist Critical Race Theory. It implicates entire classes of people while victimizing others based on nothing more than their melanin count. If there is a particular injustice that happened to Lecrae that can a.) be proven and b.) hold the actual people who committed the injustice accountable, that’s one thing. But even if this story is true, Lecrae himself never owned 80 acres of land and never had that taken away from him, nor did any white person today, let alone the collective body of white people today, take anything from him.

People, don’t buy into this tripe, and do not let the sophistry and emotionalism persuade you. You are not guilty of any sin or crime because of something your ancestors may or may not have done, and you certainly aren’t guilty of any sin or crime by the very virtue of your skin color. You are not guilty of “participating in” any kind of “system” that oppresses black people. You owe Lecrae nothing—except rebuke. He’s used his platform as a “Christian” rapper to sway people into believing these false beliefs. That makes him a false teacher.

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