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Leftist “Evangelicals” Claiming Conservatives are “Political Idolaters” Are Actually the Subversive Political Idolaters

by | Jan 31, 2024

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Preston Sprinkle, one of the original advisory board members of Revoice, the “gay Christian” movement within Evangelical churches, has been instrumental in shifting the church’s doctrinal stance on homosexuality and other aberrant sexualities. It is through Sprinkle’s extensive relationships with mainstream Evangelical leaders James MerrittMatt Chandler, and even names like Beth Moore, that he has been able to popularize what was once denounced as forbidden fruit by Evangelicals.

Sprinkle’s ministry promotes a number of false teachings on sexuality. For example, his ministry promotes the notion that homosexuals can fulfill their homosexual desires in nonsexual ways by entering into same-sex covenant relationships that essentially mimic marriage arrangements but stop short of bodily penetration. Other false teachings that Sprinkle promotes or endorses on this subject are that one can live their life as a “transgender” person, so long as they don’t “act out” sexually with someone of the same biological sex. All weird things, to say the least—but this is the prevailing doctrine of Preston Sprinkle, Revoice, and their allies.

Sprinkle recently released a video clip asserting that having an “allegiance” to a political party is “political idolatry.”

To be clear, what Sprinkle, and others who make this absurd claim—such as those who are associated with the AND Campaign—mean when they say this is that conservatives who hold conservative, biblical values, and are committed to voting for those who most closely align with those values, are the “idolaters.” Those who are committed to voting in a way that reflects their biblical worldview.

Let me break this down a bit. The argument from these center-leftists, like Sprinkle, is that neither party, Republican or Democrat, represents Christ. On the surface, that’s true. But what what Sprinkle means by this is that Jesus was somewhere between Democrats and Republicans, and that true Christians should find common ground somewhere in the middle. And yes, while it is true that neither party represents Christ and His Kingdom, and both are compromised, it isn’t because a true biblical worldview is somewhere in between conservatives and progressives. A true biblical worldview is even way further to the right than Republicans and conservatives. God has revealed Himself in scripture to be far more conservative than we could even come close to implementing in our political parties of the day.

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So for those who are making this “profound” argument that since neither party truly represents Christ, the alternative is to find common ground in the middle and abandon allegiance to—let’s be real in what their referring to—the Republican party, these are the ones taking “subversive political positions.” It’s blatant sophistry—the AND Campaign, Preston Sprinkle, all of them. In fact, as pointed out by Megan Basham on Twitter, even The Gospel Coalition acknowledges that conservative Christians are the least politically engaged, even though we should be more engaged.

This is very similar to David Platt’s absurd remarks stating that having political convictions is idolatry.

And yet, these are the people who are lecturing the Church on how the phrase “Christ is King” is a subversive political position.

First off, of course, the phrase has political connotations. But it’s certainly not subversive—Jesus did not need to “subvert” anything, especially the established political system of the first century. Neither does he need to “subvert” anything today. Christ is objectively and eternally King overall. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. And it is His positions that He reveals to us in Scripture that we are obligated to seek out and hold to, and we should express those positions in the way we vote.

When you hear this stuff come from these center-leftists, understand what they’re attempting to do. They are attempting to guilt you, primarily conservatives, into letting go of your biblically-informed political convictions, particularly on issues such as abortion, LGBTQ, and Critical Race Theory, and embrace a more moderate position that is less dogmatic on these issues so that the door can be opened for you to vote in a way that is not aligned with your biblical worldview. It’s underhanded, it’s subversive, and trying to convince you to separate your political ideology from your biblically-held theological convictions, is only something that false teachers would do. Think about it.

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