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Southern Baptists and Evangelicals Join Together to Create a Scripture-Twisting Program Promoting Open Borders

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Apostasy, Heresy of the Day, Immigration, News, Opinion, Politics, Religion, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church | 0 comments

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In a world where discerning truth has become optional for most of her inhabitants, it’s becoming increasingly important for truth-lovers to unmask the real agendas behind seemingly benign initiatives. The Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT), a group often presented as a faith-based coalition offering biblical insight into immigration policies, is, in fact, a facade for the Soros-funded National Immigration Forum that seeks to promote a Marxist revolution.

Understanding this fact, we can lay bare the underlying intentions of EIT’s “I Was a Stranger Challenge”—a challenge to Evangelicals to read 40 selected Scriptures and anachronistically apply them to modern immigration policies. Among its signatories are notable Southern Baptist and Evangelical leaders like Russell Moore, Brent Leatherwood, James Merritt, and Danny Akin, names that lend apparent credibility but also raise serious questions about their discernment.

The “I Was a Stranger Challenge” employs a spellbinding use of 40 Scriptures to propagate a Marxist ideology, cleverly disguised as biblical compassion. This initiative, far from being an innocent call to scriptural reflection, is a well-orchestrated ruse to advance a leftist open-borders agenda. Its use of Scripture is not only misleading but also dangerously aligns with a political ideology that is antithetical to core Christian values. Here are a few of the Scriptures the EIT, along with its many Southern Baptist leaders, selected to bombard Christians with open-borders propaganda.

What’s most bizarre is that the people behind this challenge aren’t ignorant—they know they’re twisting Scripture and committing anachronism. Firstly, the Challenge misinterprets scriptures like Genesis 1:27-28, which speaks to the inherent dignity of all people, to support an unrestricted immigration policy. This leap in logic is not only unfounded but also distorts the scripture’s original intent. Similarly, passages from Exodus and Leviticus, which call for fair treatment of strangers, are contextually specific to Israel’s theocratic society. Applying these ancient norms to modern nation-states is not only a hermeneutical error but a deliberate twisting of biblical texts.

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Moreover, the Challenge’s interpretation of New Testament passages, such as Matthew 25:35, is equally problematic. While Jesus’ teachings indeed do promote compassion for the needy, equating this with support for modern-day social justice initiatives including economically, socially, and criminally dangerous open borders is a gross misrepresentation of these texts. The biblical concept of hospitality cannot be equated with government policy on immigration, a complex issue that involves considerations of law, order, and national sovereignty.

The epidemic of victimhood that this Challenge propagates is another concern. By painting illegal immigrants uniformly as refugees, it not only misrepresents the reality but also undermines the plight of actual refugees facing persecution and life-threatening situations. The biblical call to care for the oppressed should not be misused to advance political agendas that blur the lines between legal asylum seekers and illegal aliens.

The influence of this Challenge on prominent Christian leaders is deeply troubling. The spellbinding effect it seems to have had on many, including Southern Baptist pastors, is indicative of a larger issue of leftist infiltration into the Church. Rather than upholding biblical truth and discerning the times, these leaders and pastors have become willful participants in a larger socialist agenda, championing a cause that undermines the integrity of both Scripture and national sovereignty.

This silly Challenge put out by these religious socialist influencers stands as a disturbing epitome of propaganda, skillfully exploiting Christian compassion to propel a leftist, Marxist agenda in the Church. Its distortion of Scripture is not merely a misinterpretation but a calculated deception, designed to ensnare the Church into endorsing policies detrimental to the very foundations of society. This kind of illogical nonsense marks the end game in a long-standing effort to infiltrate and realign the Church, particularly the SBC, with the social justice movement. And though it has been met with much resistance, the movement is still growing—Southern Baptists as a whole have not only embraced but are now championing this socio-political ideology.

The likelihood of the SBC emerging from this as anything other than a fading socio-political movement is, regrettably, slim to none. Discerning Christians must firmly reject such manipulative tactics and uphold our unyielding commitment to biblical truth and godly discernment, even in the face of growing opposition and ideological subversion within the Church. The integrity of our faith and the future of our congregations depend on our steadfastness in this crucial hour.

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