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The Gospel Coalition Absurdly Compares Martin Luther King Jr. to Martin Luther, the Reformer

by | Jan 16, 2024

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In this age where an invasion of social justice ideology has overwhelmed theological precision in Evanglelical circles, The Gospel Coalition (TGC) is front and center waving the multi-shaded flag of wokeness. It’s clear that TGC’s foolish embrace and promulgation of a narrative steeped in social justice relentlessly undermines the fundamental principles of Christian doctrine.

This disturbing reality is evident in their latest article, One Jesus and Two Martin’s, which ludicrously compares Martin Luther King Jr. with Martin Luther, the Reformer. Such a comparison is a blatant fail, showcasing not just a deep-seated ignorance of Christian orthodoxy but also a laughably distorted view of the gospel’s essence.

The article in question, which could be dismissed as yet another example of TGC’s misplaced priorities, shamelessly places Martin Luther King Jr. on the same pedestal as Martin Luther. This comparison is not just absurd—it’s theologically misleading. First, he describes Martin Luther is the one who “rediscovered” the gospel in the 16th century:

What’s the basis upon which this imperfect countless multitude will enjoy all the perfections of eternity? Only by the Gospel of grace that Martin Luther rediscovered in his 16th century day. And how will it be possible for the most diverse gathering of humanity ever to live forever in perfect relationships, perfect harmony, and perfect everything? It’s the same answer and same Gospel.

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Then he goes on to imply that it was Martin Luther King Jr. who took it further and taught us how to use the gospel to “get heaven into us.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. helped us understand that the purpose and power of your grace isn’t just to get us into heaven, but also get “heaven into us.” Jesus, you have saved us to become like you, and to love one another as you love us. Hallelujah, thank you, and help us.

First, Martin Luther King Jr. held views that were fundamentally at odds with orthodox Christian beliefs. What most people don’t know is that King had a dark side—a really dark side. Not only was King a sex-trafficker who sexually abused women, but he also outright rejected the deity of Christ—precluding him from the Kingdom of Christ and making him a heretic. But even more unknown is Martin Luther King’s support of the world’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. In 1966, King accepted the Margaret Sanger award from Planned Parenthood.

According to Planned Parenthood’s website, he was awarded this for several reasons, including, “his singular contribution to human knowledge of the reproductive processes,” “his singular contribution during the past decade to the mobilization of public awareness and government action to resolve the world population crisis,” and “his courageous resistance to bigotry and his lifelong dedication to the advancement of social justice and human dignity.”

Further, The Gospel Coalition’s article’s suggestion that the gospel’s purpose is to get “heaven into us” reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the core message of Christianity. The gospel, according to Scripture, centers on the redemption of sinners through the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, not on transforming earthly conditions. This perversion of the gospel dilutes its profound spiritual significance, reducing it to a mere tool for social reform.

The embrace of Martin Luther King Jr.’s ideologies by TGC and similar entities has profound implications for the contemporary Christian landscape. King’s political and advocacy strategies have directly influenced modern policies like affirmative action, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs, and other initiatives that result in unjust and unequal outcomes. These policies, far from being commendable, have perpetuated a skewed sense of justice that runs counter to the Biblical concept of impartiality and equality before God.

The celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. as a theological figure comparable to Martin Luther is not only ill-conceived but also detrimental to the understanding of Christian doctrine and the Gospel’s true message. Those committed to the integrity of the Christian faith must discern and challenge such distortions, reaffirming the foundational truths that have sustained the Church through centuries. The Gospel is about salvation through Christ alone, not social justice, and our focus should remain unwaveringly on this unchanging truth. And The Gospel Coalition is about anything but the true gospel.

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