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There is No Longer Any Doubt That Voting for the Democrat Party is a Sinful Act of Rebellion Against God

by | Dec 20, 2023 | Abortion, Apostasy, News, Politics, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church, US, Video | 0 comments

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As we approach the 2024 elections, the battle lines are starkly drawn, particularly on the issue of abortion. Kamala Harris, in a recent MSNBC interview, laid out the Democrats’ stance with unvarnished clarity. Under the guise of “trusting women,” Harris and Biden are aggressively pushing for unrestricted abortion access. They mask their advocacy for the killing of innocent children as a defense of “fundamental freedoms.”

Their platform, stripped of its euphemisms, champions abortion at any stage, for any reason. They present this as a binary choice: their so-called “trust in women” to decide on ending an innocent life, versus the pro-life view, which they mischaracterize as an assault on personal freedoms. This framing is a calculated move to sidestep the profound moral implications of abortion, reducing it to a mere matter of personal choice rather than acknowledging the innocent life at stake.

Gone are the days when a professing Christian could, in good conscience, cast a vote for a Democrat. This isn’t the 90s anymore, where the biggest squabbles were over tax codes and government spending. Now, we’re dealing with a party that’s cozied up to the most egregious moral failings—championing sexual immorality and the horror of abortion as if they were virtues. Let’s be clear, a Christian voting Democrat today isn’t just making a political choice. It’s a blatant act of rebellion against a Holy and Righteous God and an egregious affront to His nature and character.

In this era, any self-proclaimed Christian who votes Democrat isn’t just erring politically, they’re making a spiritual statement—one that demonstrates spiritual corruption. Churches and pastors cannot afford to espouse a neutral tone on this, they must take a stand. Any church member voting for a Democrat in today’s climate should trigger church discipline. Any church turning a blind eye to members supporting such anti-biblical policies is no church at all. It’s a counterfeit, deserving outright rejection and disfellowship by the body of Christ and her leaders. This isn’t about politics anymore, it’s about preserving the sanctity of our faith and upholding God’s unerring truth.

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