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Debunking Leftists Myths About Jesus, Part VI – Jesus Was a Refugee

by | Dec 8, 2023 | heresy, Immigration, News, Politics, Religion, Social-Issues, US, Video | 0 comments

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In our ongoing series to debunk leftist myths about Jesus, we’ve already dismantled several: from the mischaracterization of Him as a socialist, a radical environmentalist, to an advocate of modern gender ideologies. These myths emerge from a fundamental error: overcontextualizing the Gospel, leading to a reshaping of Jesus into a figure more palatable to contemporary, often political leftist, sensibilities.

Today, we address another pervasive myth: the depiction of Jesus as a refugee. This narrative is wielded by some as a theological justification for open borders and unfettered mass immigration. It’s a classic case of molding the Gospel to fit a modern agenda, rather than understanding it within its true historical and cultural context. Just take a look at this He Gets Us commercial:

The story cited to support this claim is well-known: fleeing Herod’s wrath, Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus take refuge in Egypt. Leftist rhetoric seizes this narrative, drawing parallels to modern-day immigration, suggesting that Jesus’ experience mirrors that of today’s refugees. But this comparison is fraught with inaccuracies and anachronisms.

First, let’s clear the historical air. When Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt with Jesus, they were moving within the Roman Empire’s borders. Egypt was not a foreign entity but a part of the same imperial system as Israel. This wasn’t an international crossing into an entirely separate nation-state, as modern borders are understood. They had a legal right to be in Egypt, a reality far removed from the complexities surrounding modern immigration and asylum-seeking.

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Jesus’ Family’s flight to Egypt was a temporary measure for safety, not a permanent relocation for economic opportunity or to exploit a welfare system. They returned to their homeland once the immediate threat to Jesus’ life had ended. This is hardly comparable to the mass migration movements seen today, often driven by a myriad of economic, social, and political factors.

It’s also crucial to recognize the specificity of this event in the Gospel narrative. Jesus’ flight to Egypt fulfilled specific Old Testament prophecies (Hosea 11:1), underscoring the divine orchestration of His life and mission. To extrapolate this unique event as a general endorsement of all forms of modern immigration is to stretch the text beyond its breaking point.

Furthermore, the Gospel’s portrayal of Jesus, Joseph, and Mary fleeing to Egypt must be scrutinized against the broader canvas of biblical teachings on law, sovereignty, and borders. The Bible, in its wisdom, does not endorse a lawless approach to migration. It advocates compassion and care for the stranger and the foreigner (Exodus 22:21, Leviticus 19:34), yes, but it also upholds the legitimacy of nations and their borders (Acts 17:26).

This biblical balance is conspicuously absent in the current narrative surrounding mass global “refugee” relocation efforts. These efforts, shrouded in the noble language of humanitarianism, often mask a deeper, more insidious goal—the destabilization of economic and social frameworks on a global scale. Such tactics, far from being altruistic, only serve the geopolitical chess game, leveraging human lives as pawns to undermine national stability and integrity.

Framing Jesus as a refugee to bolster contemporary political stances on immigration grossly distorts the Gospel narrative and is a deliberate attempt to reshape of the Gospel to align with leftist political ideologies. Our commitment to truth demands a rigorous, intellectually honest approach to the Gospel, one that resists the temptation to remodel its central figures to fit the transient whims of modern political narratives. The integrity of the Gospel—and our faith—calls for nothing less than this unshrinking fidelity to the truth, even if it stands in direct contrast to the prevailing winds of contemporary thought.

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