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Raging Heretic, Carlton Pearson, Busts Hell Wide Open at 70 After Long Battle With Cancer

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TULSA, Oklahoma—The death of Bishop Carlton D’Metrius Pearson at the age of 70, following a protracted battle with cancer, marks the end of a chapter characterized by profound theological heterodoxy and spiritual turmoil. Pearson’s radical departure from orthodox Christian doctrine transformed him into a figure of deep controversy and, to many, a harbinger of dangerous heresy.

Pearson’s ascent in the 1990s within the Pentecostal community, known for its strange adherence to false doctrines of direct revelation, speaking in tongues, and prophetic utterances, was meteoric. His sermons and magnetic personality brought him acclaim and a wide following. However, Pearson embraced and began to propagate a serious false gospel—what he termed the “Gospel of Inclusion.”

This so-called gospel was nothing short of a theological disaster. Pearson’s teachings blatantly contradicted the foundational principles of orthodox, biblical Christianity. His assertion that salvation was universally assured, irrespective of faith in Jesus Christ, and his denial of the existence of hell as a place of eternal damnation, are damnable heresies that deny the supremacy and exclusivity of Christ and the gospel itself. Such teachings were not just outside the bounds of normal Christianity, they were antithetical to the clear teachings of Scripture.

Pearson’s espousal of these doctrines was not merely a benign re-interpretation of Christian beliefs, it was a spiritual debacle of the highest order. The notion of universal salvation, devoid of the need for redemption through Christ, nullifies the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus, the cornerstone of Christian faith. This distortion of the gospel message undermined the urgent need for repentance and faith in Christ for salvation.

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Furthermore, the denial of hell as a place of judgment for the unrepentant radically undermined the gravity of sin and the holy justice of God. Such a view dangerously misrepresented God’s character, diminishing His righteousness and the seriousness with which He regards sin.

The consequences of Pearson’s heretical teachings were not limited to theological discourse, they had devastating effects on the spiritual lives of countless of his followers. His message of an all-inclusive salvation provided a false sense of security, potentially leading many away from the true path to salvation through Christ alone as revealed in Scripture. Pearson’s teachings, far from being a message of hope, were a spiritual poison, leading souls straight to Hell under the guise of inclusivity and love.

Unfortunately, today, Pearson has heard those dreadful words of the Lord Jesus Christ: “I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.” The fallout from Pearson’s theological rebellion was palpable. His once-thriving ministry crumbled, and he became a pariah among those who held fast to biblical truth.

The trajectory of Pearson’s life and death serves as a vivid warning about the perils of straying from the foundational truths of Scripture. It is a sobering reminder that the allure of novel interpretations and the temptation to conform to the shifting sands of cultural acceptance can lead even the most gifted and dynamic leaders into spiritual ruin.


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