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Vatican Releases Interfaith Document Comparing Jesus to Buddha

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Apostasy, Climate, Cult, News, Opinion, Politics, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church | 0 comments

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The Vatican, in its never-ending ecumenical push to merge the world’s religions into one, has taken a step that, (surprise!) contradicts core biblical principles and blasphemes the one, true, risen Savior Jesus Christ. The Seventh Buddhist-Christian Colloquium, as stated in the Vatican’s “Final Statement” released today, not only blurs the lines between diverse false religious voices but also exposes the Catholic Church’s realm of troubling theological ambiguity.

The colloquium, co-organized by the Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue and various Buddhist institutions, claims that it aimed to foster dialogue for “Healing a Wounded Humanity and the Earth.” The statement reveals that participants from a wide array of nations, including representatives from the Holy See, embarked on this endeavor, acknowledging the rapidly changing world and its impact on humanity and the earth.

A direct quote from the document states, “As Buddhists and Christians, we see the Buddha and Jesus as Great Healers. The Buddha pointed to greed and Jesus to sin as the cause of suffering. On many levels, Jesus and the Buddha proposed love and compassion as medicine to drive out the darkness in the human heart and the world. Nourished by their respective spiritual teachings, Buddhists and Christians, for thousands of years, have adopted compassionate ways of living to address the suffering of life.”

This assertion is not just a simple act of interfaith camaraderie or a commitment to live peaceably among others—rather it represents a fundamental theological misalignment. By placing Buddha, the founder and key spiritual figure in Buddhism, on the same pedestal as Jesus Christ, who is God made flesh and the chief cornerstone of the Christian faith, the Vatican commits extreme blasphemy.

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This ecumenical endeavor with Buddhism contradicts the Apostle Paul’s warning against forming spiritually binding partnerships with unbelievers, as stated in 2 Corinthians 6:14-16. The scripture advocates for a distinct separation in matters of faith, a principle that the Vatican’s statement seems to disregard. This alignment with Buddhism, under the guise of addressing global challenges, represents a rejection of one of the core doctrines of Christianity—the uniqueness, exclusivity, and supremacy of Christ.

However, the Vatican’s history of aberrant doctrinal practices, including the veneration of saints, the doctrine of purgatory, and papal authority, suggests that this latest enterprise is consistent with its long-standing departure from Christ exposing further one undeniable fact about the Catholic Church: they do not have the true Christ. So would Paul’s rhetorical question, “What accord has Christ with Belial?” even apply here?

The document further elaborates on the need for dialogue, stating, “We are convinced that there will be no peace without dialogue.” While dialogue in itself is not condemnable, the nature and depth of this dialogue, which equates the teachings of Christ with those of Buddha, is a matter of grave concern. The statement also emphasizes the need to “cultivate empathy for the suffering of others and the environment,” which, on some levels, could be a noble pursuit, but certainly not at the expense of compromising the nature of God.

The statement calls for cooperation and innovation, urging religious movements to alter their perception and conception of others and the planet. These objectives are more than just disrespectful, the manner in which they are approached leads to a theological compromise that undermines the exclusive claims of Christianity.

The Vatican’s juxtaposition of Buddha with Jesus in this interfaith dialogue, aligning itself with a broader religious spectrum, strongly hints at its overarching ambition: to amalgamate the world’s diverse religions under the papal mantle. This strategy, while aligning with its historical pattern of expanding influence, represents a profound departure from the exclusive claims of Christianity as delineated in the Bible. This latest endeavor should be an eye-opener, demonstrating the Catholic Church’s path towards theological syncretism that undermines the Gospel’s unique power to transform lives.

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