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Louisiana Baptist Pastor Opposes Anti-Abortion Resolution Because Women Have Hormones That Make Them Do It

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In the last few weeks, North Carolina and Kentucky Baptist Associations both unanimously passed resolutions seeking equal protection under the law for unborn children. These strong, anti-abortion resolutions mirror a robust, theological stance that all people, including unborn children, are made in the Image of God and their lives worthy of protection against murder under the laws.

While the world is opposed to such biblical truth, unlikely allies with the world include a number of other Southern Baptist entities and leaders, including Brent Leatherwood and the ERLC, and most recently, pastors at the Louisiana Baptist Convention.

During the state convention in Louisiana, one pastor tried to bring a strong resolution to the table, which was shot down. That resolution was as follows:

Yet, despite the strong, biblical wording in this resolution, once pastor stood up to give an impassioned speech against it, making some of the most absurd arguments one has ever heard. Following the “mother is a victim” narrative that is prevalent in the ERLC and Brent Leatherwood, which we’ve reported on numerous times, this pastor took it even further arguing that because women have hormones that cause them to make bad decisions, and because they “regret” their decisions, they are the victims and they should never be held accountable for killing their child.

“Because research shows that 70% of women have either been coerced,” he said, “or regret or otherwise pressured into an abortion 70%. The others we know from research, all women who are in the first trimester are going under or undergoing tremendous hormonal changes that have a severe impact on their decision-making abilities.”


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Let’s just be real: this pastor isn’t making this argument because he believes it’s biblical, or the “right thing to do.” He’s making this argument to placate the lib-tards and feminists in his own church who pay his salary. In fact, that’s the only reason any of these clowns make this argument. They want to appear like they care about being “pro-life” but they don’t want to tick off any of the women in their pews.


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