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How the Lausanne Movement Is Hijacking Christianity to Jumpstart a Global Marxist Revolution – Part I

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This is part I of a multi-part article. The remaining parts will be available to paid subscribers only.

The Lausanne Movement, established in 1974 following the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, initiated by Billy Graham and other Christian leaders, is an international network of globalist evangelical leaders who purport to be focused on fulfilling the Great Commission—the Christian mandate to evangelize and make disciples of all nations. The movement emphasizes ecumenical cooperation across denominational lines and has a strong focus on global issues such as poverty, justice, and environmental stewardship. The Lausanne movement has been adopted by many prominent Evangelical leaders and has been influential in reshaping evangelical mission strategies and theology, particularly around the concept of “holistic mission,” which integrates evangelism with social action.

The Lausanne Movement has openly admitted to mirroring the World Economic Forum (WEF) in its approach and goals and many of Lausanne’s prominent figures are directly involved in the WEF. By organizing “Davos-like” leadership forums and integrating business and political leaders into its fold, the movement has completely embraced a globalist agenda. This alignment with the WEF’s model marks a significant departure towards promoting a unified global order under the guise of Christian leadership.

In the mind map below, which represents the World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence platform, highlights the multifaceted role of religion in addressing global issues, a perspective shared by the Lausanne Movement. Lausanne’s focus on integrating faith into global challenges such as human rights, public health, and environmental stewardship echoes the interconnected themes in the WEF framework. This commonality suggests that the Lausanne Movement operates within a similar scope as the WEF, using religious influence to contribute to global dialogues and initiatives, thereby subtly intertwining evangelical Christian efforts with broader secular agendas in the global sphere.

WEF, Strategic Intelligence Map and the Roles of Religion in its agenda (source: https://intelligence.weforum.org/topics/a1Gb0000000pTDcEAM)

What, or who, are the connecting dots between Lausanne and the World Economic Forum? Prominent Evangelical figures such as the late Tim Keller, David Platt, and J.D. Greear are linked to the World Economic Forum (WEF) through their promotion of “Faith Driven Investing,” which aligns with the investment strategies of BlackRock, a firm deeply embedded in WEF’s “Great Reset” initiative. These political infiltrators have been directly involved in advocating for investing in ways that support global justice financial schemes, coinciding with the WEF’s and BlackRock’s objectives of steering investments toward “woke” companies and sustainable development goals.

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Tim Keller’s push for urban church expansion, as unveiled in a 2011 Lausanne Movement speech, deftly weaves Marxist threads into Christianity. In this speech, he called for churches to adapt to urban multiculturalism and to infiltrate the marketplace with faith. This wasn’t a call for strategic evangelism, rather it’s a clear nod to a globalist Marxist agenda. By championing a church model that mirrors the Marxist valorization of labor and societal roles, Keller and the Lausanne Movement align with the WEF vision of reshaping society. Keller’s vision, as we have reported on numerous times, repackages the gospel within a framework of social justice and wealth redistribution, recasting Christianity as an engine for the globalist machinery, and subtly substituting biblical evangelism with a gospel of socio-economic revolution.

And Rick Warren, with his smooth rhetoric and commanding presence, is a master at weaving a narrative that, while cloaked in Christian terminology, aligns suspiciously well with a globalist, socialist agenda. His participation at the World Economic Forum (WEF) included far more than just casual commentary from a Christian perspective on social issues—his words were calculated moves in a larger strategy to morph Christianity into a vessel for a Marxist utopia.

At these high-profile gatherings, Warren preaches a false gospel of interfaith cooperation and social responsibility, using the pulpit of global influence to push an agenda that has nothing to do with promoting the life-giving Christian gospel around the world and more about societal reengineering. When Warren talks about his PEACE Plan, what he’s really doing is peddling a blueprint for a globalist world order. This plan, which ostensibly aims to tackle poverty and disease, is a trojan horse for implementing socialist policies under the guise of Christian duty.

A closer look at Warren’s PEACE initiative reveals its alignment with a social Marxist agenda. This plan targets five key areas—(P)lanting churches, (E)quipping servant leaders, (A)ssisting the poor, (C)aring for the sick, and (E)ducating the next generation. Under the banner of “assisting the poor” and “caring for the sick,” the plan advocates for wealth redistribution and socialized medicine and the focus on “educating the next generation” is particularly pernicious, as it opens the door to indoctrinating young minds with these socialist dogmas, ensuring the perpetuation of this globalist vision.

Warren’s call for churches to lead in the fight against global issues isn’t just about altruism, it’s a strategic ploy to position faith organizations as tools in a larger scheme of wealth redistribution and social control. By appealing to Christian compassion, he’s effectively manipulating the church to serve a socialist agenda, turning places of worship into hubs of globalist propaganda.

Furthermore, Warren’s advocacy for integrating faith and business principles—a movement closely aligned with the Lausanne Movement and the initiative of the WEF-aligned Blackrock—really has nothing at all to do with ethical leadership. It’s about aligning religious influence with socialist economic policies and nudging religious-minded business leaders towards embracing economic models that pave the way for a Marxist society.

David Platt, author of Radical, known for his leadership at McLean Bible Church and his work with the International Mission Board, has advanced a notion of “radical generosity” within the context of the Lausanne Movement, an initiative that resonates with globalist themes of wealth redistribution and social justice​​. His involvement with Lausanne and his chairing of their Theology Working Group in 2016 echoes the movement’s alignment with broad, global mission objectives​​.

Platt’s project “STRATUS” further exemplifies this synergy, aiming to address global imbalances by guiding the church in reallocating resources strategically​​. Project STRATUS is an initiative launched by David Platt’s ministry Radical, aiming to strategically address global imbalances by helping the church identify and meet the world’s most urgent needs with wisdom, humility, and understanding​​. STRATUS is directly in partnership with globalist Marxist organizations, including the World Economic Forum, The World Bank, and others (see image below).

STRATUS is aligned with the globalist and social justice agendas of organizations like the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and others, suggesting a confluence of evangelical mission with the objectives of these global entities. In this light, Platt’s advocacy within Lausanne directly promotes a form of Christianity that extends beyond spiritual transformation to encompass a wider social and economic activism, reflective of a globalist Marxist ideology.

Following his involvement in Lausanne, the WEF, and other social justice globalist initiatives, David Platt’s trajectory within Evangelicalism, particularly at McLean Bible Church, has shown a significant tilt toward social justice activism, aligning with the Marxist-influenced Critical Race Theory that underscores this ideology. Platt, who isn’t ignorant to the gospel or good theology, has relegated himself to preaching loaded sermons on racism and advocating for race and ethnic based social welfare and wealth redistribution. Platt’s teachings are now saturated with pushing for collective repentance from alleged systemic racial injustices. Platt even frames holding certain political (biblical) convictions on moral issues as “idolatry,” urging the church to prioritize unity over biblical stands on topics like abortion, thereby echoing the broader, progressive shift within Lausanne-affiliated social justice efforts.

This movement is not just about a global conversation on how the Church can play a more significant role in improving society—it’s about a complete overhaul of Christian values. Platt’s initiatives, the late Tim Keller’s legacy, and Warren’s rhetoric at the WEF all reveal a disturbing trend: Christianity is being hijacked, repackaged, and sold back to the faithful as a vessel for global socialism. Those involved in the Lausanne movement are not just pastors or religious leaders—they are a puppeteers, pulling the strings to turn Christianity into a foot soldier for a Marxist revolution. And the worst part? They have been doing it right under our noses, using the language of faith to mask their true intentions.

A more in-depth analysis of the Lausanne Movement and its ties to globalism, the feminist movement, LGBTQ activism, the climate agenda, gun control, mass immigration, and even your local church, will be forthcoming in multiple parts for paid subscribers only.

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