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In Bizarre Voice: Abortion “Doctor” Says He Hates Christ and Loves Killing Babies

by | Nov 10, 2023 | Abortion, News, Religion, Social-Issues, Video | 0 comments

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We, as Christians, know that killing children in the womb is a form of murder and we know that God hates it. But sadly, many Christians have a flawed understanding of the depraved minds that it takes to commit such heinous acts of hatred toward fellow human beings. Christians often want to believe the best of these people, that these people just don’t know or understand what they’re doing, and they just need us to “love” them into a better decision.

False. These people know exactly what they’re doing and not only do they know it, but they love it. Here’s a prime example of one abortion doctor being told by a preacher that he’s killing children and that he will stand before God. Understanding this, he goes into a mock demon-possessed state, gets up in the preacher’s face, and starts talking about how much he loves killing babies and how he will never come to Christ.

This may seem like foolishness on the surface, but the reality is, this evil man has heard the Word of God, acknowledged it, and has openly and outrightly rejected it. There is no more loving thing we can do for these people than to give them the truth and call them to repent. When they refuse to repent and turn to Christ, they are in God’s wrathful hands. San Diego abortionist, Robert J. Santella, died on January 17, 2018, and is now facing the eternal wrath of God.

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