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The Ohio Vote Is Only the First Step in America’s Descent into the Valley of Death’s Shadow

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Yesterday, this nation witnessed in the state of Ohio arguably the most blatant rejection of God that has manifested in our time through the approval of Issue 1, a state constitutional amendment that cements the right of women to murder their children. In a move that can only be seen as a profound departure from reality and a rejection of the sanctity of life, Ohio voters, by a margin of 56 percent to 44% percent, have enshrined the ability to commit abortion up to 21 weeks and six days into their state constitution​​. This decision is not just a legal or political shift—it’s a deeply spiritual one, echoing the harrowing warnings of Scripture.

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In Proverbs 8:36, the stark dichotomy between loving God and loving death is laid bare with unyielding clarity: “But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul; all those who hate me love death.” It’s a chilling affirmation that to sin against God is to launch a personal assault on the very essence of one’s own soul. It is not merely an act of defiance but a profound betrayal of the intrinsic nature of existence as fashioned by God’s hand. To hate God, as this Scripture attests, is to have an affair with death, to court it, to seduce it into the inner chambers of society’s values and ethics.

Then, In Romans 1, we are given a solemn tour through the desolate landscapes of a fallen world, where God’s hand of restraint is gradually lifted, allowing humanity to descend into the mire of its own making. This chapter portrays a divine standstill, where God, in His righteous judgment, permits the nations to tread the muddied waters of their own chosen paths. The text unveils a grim procession of humanity’s heart, turning away from the glory of the immortal God to worship the created rather than the Creator. It speaks of God giving them over to the corrupt desires of their hearts, to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves.

As the Apostle Paul outlines, a society given over to its own lusts and desires suppresses the truth, and in doing so, reaps the consequences of its choices—envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. Quickly becoming haters of God, inventors of evil, foolish, faithless, heartless, and ruthless, among other things. The stark reality we face is that America, as a whole, is not just drifting but is actively steering away from its moral compass, celebrating what once was universally acknowledged as abhorrent.

All of this—committing adultery with death, being given over to a reprobate mind, suppressing the truth about God—is playing out before our eyes. The tragic irony is that this amendment is viewed as a victory to the majority of this nation, an advancement of rights, when in reality, it is a profound loss—a loss of moral clarity, of the intrinsic value of human life, and of the acknowledgment of God’s sovereignty over His creation​.

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When a society revels in the right to terminate the innocent, it is an act of worship at the altar of self, an idolatry of the highest order that proclaims autonomy over divinity. By loving death, by institutionalizing and protecting the mechanism of the unborn’s demise, society is not just turning away from God—it is in active enmity against Him. It is a love affair with the abyss, a covenant with chaos, and a pledge of allegiance to the very shadow of evil.

Make no mistake about it, this is only the beginning—the birth pangs. We must brace ourselves for the reality that a course correction for America is not only unlikely but, given the trajectory, increasingly unfeasible. The remnant of believers who have not bowed the knee to Ba’al must prepare for the possibility of facing extreme persecution. This is not a call for despair but for sober recognition of the times we are in, and the steadfastness required to face them with conviction and unwavering faith.

The passage of Issue 1 in Ohio is not an isolated incident, it is a symptom of a nation that has turned its back on God. As the cultural and legal landscape continues to move in this direction, those who stand for biblical truth must do so with eyes wide open, knowing the cost, but also the eternal worth of such a stand.


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