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American Idol Pastor Accused of Multiple Felony Identity Theft and Fraud Charges

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Apostasy, Fraud, News, Religion, The Church | 0 comments

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Steven Flockhart, once a household voice chasing fame on “American Idol” and “The Voice,” now embodies the dark side of the megachurch. His leap from TV personality to scandalous pastor wasn’t just a fall from grace—it was a dive into vanity’s deep end, shackling his soul in the process.

His pursuit didn’t stop at fleeting TV fame as he hungered for more, claiming God directly told him to start 901 Church in Memphis. But the church turned into a gaudy spectacle, with the gospel sidelined by Flockhart’s craving for the spotlight. Under his leadership, 901 Church became a hollow show, more circus than sanctuary, with sermons giving way to a grandiose performance with Flockhart at the center—not as a pastor but a ringmaster, seeking adoration meant for God alone.

Now, it seems that having no heart for his flock, Flockhart has victimized not just his sheep, but the rest of the world too. With a rap sheet that’s become a public spectacle, Flockhart stands accused of identity theft and theft of merchandise, no minor indiscretions. He allegedly preyed upon a member of his own congregation, abusing his pastoral position to open a credit card under false pretenses.

901 Church Pastor, Steven “Stevie” Flockhart

This was more than just a lapse in judgment, it was a calculated plundering of trust and resources. The unsuspecting victim, seeking to support what he thought was God’s work, found his credit score decimated and his finances in disarray, with a staggering balance of around $6,400 incurred by Flockhart’s hand. This treachery has ripped at this congregation, leaving a wound that may not easily heal. And yet, the church’s leaders, in a move as bewildering as it is disheartening, have chosen to rally behind Flockhart, refusing to acknowledge the weight of evidence stacked against him. These revelations have torn the spiritual core from this congregation, with the leadership of 901 Church blindly standing by him.

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Flockhart’s tale is an echo of others like Carl Lentz, who fell prey to their own egos, abandoning the humility and service Christ modeled. Their actions demonstrate a deeper issue heart issue than a mere momentary slip—these pastors relentlessly seek out ways to feed their own greed and vanity and are willing to throw others under the bus to do so. This is the very definition of a charlatan. These clowns parade their sins before their congregations without fear.

And this is why it is so important to test our leaders against Scripture. As the Apostle Paul warned, even from within the church, some will distort the truth, drawing away followers. The situation at 901 Church is a dire alert to all seeking spiritual guidance to be wary of false prophets, who come cloaked as sheep but bear ravenous wolfish appetites.

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