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Popular Christian Leaders Share Platform With Queer and Transgender “Christians” at “Christian” Conference

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Max Lucado, a figure who once at least held a veneer of Christian orthodoxy about him, has now capitulated to a dangerous trend of watering down the stark realities of sin. In fact, Lucado has taken it upon himself to recast sin as nothing more than what he calls a “shortcut,” a mere hiccup on the road to alignment with God’s will. Lucado has launched a full-blown assault on Christianity and biblical truth.

Whether it be endorsing pro-gay feminist Jen Hatmaker, apologizing to the LGBTQ community for past teachings on homosexuality, referring to the Holy Spirit in feminine terms, begging forgiveness for ancestral sins of slavery and segregation, and adopting the practice of speaking in tongues as part of his daily prayer routine—Lucado’s actions collectively signal a complete abandonment of objective biblical truth in favor of a more progressive, ecumenical approach that attempts to reconcile biblical Christianity with modern pagan cultural movements.

So it should come as no surprise that Lucado would be sharing the stage with a “transgender Christian” to promote “Christian” living in the coming years. In 2024, Preston Sprinkle, one of the founding board members of the “gay Christian” organization, Revoice, and CEO of Theology in the Raw, is holding a conference that features several apostates, including former Reformed pastor, Josh Harris, who renounced his faith a few years ago and was later seen marching in gay pride marches, Greg Coles, author of Single, Gay, Christian: A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity, and Kat LaPrarie, a man who wears women’s clothes and uses women’s pronouns and who says he is “passionate about people, the church and articulating the Gospel using her[sic] story that God has woven together.” 

While it isn’t surprising that Lucado would mingle with such freaks, it is rather shocking that Carol Swain would lend credibility to this movement. In 2021, Swain joined the Conservative Baptist Network in the Southern Baptist Convention and helped draft the original resolution denouncing Critical Race Theory (CRT) which was not passed–it was killed by the resolutions committee. Swain said in an interview on the Tennessee Star Report that she was not allowed to speak at the business meeting against CRT and that some black pastors threatened to leave the denomination if CRT was addressed. Swain has been an outspoken conservative ally, so why is she sharing a stage with these apostates?

Update: Carol has stated that she was unaware of the others participating in this event, and is contacting the event organizers to address her concerns with them about the others.

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Update again: After contacting the event organizers, Dr. Carol Swain will NOT be speaking at this event. Praise the Lord!

Also, there is Evan Wickham, CCM star, Phil Wickham’s brother, who will be leading worship and talking about deconstruction and reconstruction. Also present at the conference is a Black Hebrew Israelite who goes by the name Street Hymns. And possibly one of the most outrageous queers at this event is Art Pereira, a man who spoke during a Revoice conference about how he moved in with another dude that he was sexually attracted to and they began a marriage-like relationship together while claiming to be “celibate.” Here’s that video…really weird.

“Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?” —Amos 3:3


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