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It’s Transgender Awareness Month: How Christians Should Respond

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It’s that time of the year again—November rolls in and with it comes “Transgender Awareness Month,” a creation of the activist class who have marked it as a time to turn the national spotlight onto what they perceive as the plight of the transgender community. They’re selling it hard as a stretch of thirty days dedicated to drumming up “inclusivity” and social justice for those who fall under the transgender label—a label, let’s be clear, that’s wrapped in a web of lies and deception.

But let’s cut through the noise. “Transgender Awareness Month” is not a benign period of reflection, but a calculated play. Those of us with our eyes open are calling it out as a means to two ends. First, it’s about broadcasting a selective set of tragedies to paint this narrative of an epidemic of violence against transgender folks. Now, while any act of violence is a tragedy, the use of these incidents to suggest a systemic crisis is a stretch too far.

Second, this month signals an aggressive campaign to embed LGBTQ ideologies firmly into the cultural landscape. This isn’t about opening up dialogue or enriching public discourse—it’s about deploying deceptive emotive strategies to leapfrog over critical thinking and entrench gender theory in the minds of the masses.

Switch on the television and there you will find a glossy ad painting the transgender cause as the new moral crusade begging for your unreserved empathy. Scroll through your social media feeds, and they’re saturated with a relentless stream of curated content, ready-made to stir up emotions and catapult the transgender narrative to the forefront. This isn’t about informing—it’s about influencing, shaping public sentiment by default, not by deliberation.

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Then there’s the educational arena, where the seeds of these ideologies are sown early and with alarming subtlety. It’s in the classrooms that the line between teaching and indoctrinating begins to vanish. Our youth are not just being taught to read and write—they are being systematically programmed to accept without question the ideologies surrounding gender and sexuality. The material ranges from the overtly obvious to the deceptively subtle, with every tool at their disposal—from picture books to policy—being utilized to foster not just tolerance, but unthinking acceptance of a particular perspective on gender diversity.

The tactics are astute and multi-pronged, targeting the heart to bypass the head, aiming to recondition society’s understanding of gender identity from the ground up. Critics who see the world through the lens of objective truth are recognizing the maneuver for what it is—a concerted effort to turn unaccepted subjective ideologies into cultural axioms. This method of using every cultural lever at their disposal, from Hollywood narratives to academic syllabi, ensures that these viewpoints are not merely presented for consideration but are effectively canonized in the public psyche.

The endgame is clear, to bring about a wholesale shift in societal values by framing this ideological push as the new definition of objective truth. By steering the cultural narrative, the once-clear waters of objective truth become muddied with subjectivity, making it seem as though the erosion of established realities is not just necessary but is the only progressive path forward. This isn’t just a redefinition of societal norms—it’s a strategic reconfiguration of truth itself, where opposing voices aren’t just debated against, they’re dismissed as fundamentally misinformed or maliciously misguided.

Christians should be sounding the alarm, exposing the fact that this is all about hijacking genuine public sympathy and re-writing history to garner a worldwide knee-jerk reaction to a false narrative of human suffering. These people may be suffering, but it isn’t because conservatives or Christians won’t affirm them—it’s because they’re contending with the inescapable presence of God’s holiness that is inherent in all creation and Scripture. Yet, these activists are using our collective silence on their lies as a lever to pry open the doors to wide-ranging social reforms that dovetail neatly with the goals of the LGBTQ movement.

For those of us holding the line on truth and morality, “Transgender Awareness Month” isn’t a true call for conversation. Far from it—it’s a relentless campaign to remold societal standards on gender, giving no quarter to opposition or even healthy debate. It’s leading us to a point where the push to redefine gender is not just loud but is actively muffling the opposition to this downgrade of society that was once rooted in enduring moral, religious, and scientific principles regarding human sexuality and identity. The result? A society led into palpable and extreme chaos worthy of nothing more than the judgment of God.


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