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Kenneth Copeland Says Not Tithing is Akin to Carrying a “Ticking Time Bomb”

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In a recent clip that’s making the rounds, Kenneth Copeland, the self-appointed prophet and prosperity gospel preacher, has once again demonstrated his knack for twisting Scripture to suit his own ends. This time, he’s warning his followers that not tithing is akin to carrying a “ticking time bomb” in their pockets.

Copeland is no stranger to outlandish claims and false teachings, and his track record is a veritable smorgasbord of theological absurdities. Take, for instance, his audacious prophecy that God is handing over control of the United States to Heidi Baker. That’s right, according to Copeland, the Almighty has apparently decided to bequeath an entire nation to a fellow prosperity gospel preacher. This isn’t just a distortion of biblical prophecy; it’s a wholesale fabrication designed to captivate his audience and keep them hanging on his every word.

But the rabbit hole of Copeland’s false teachings goes even deeper. He’s ventured into the realm of creationism with a bizarre twist, asserting that the world was “re-created” in six days. Now this was really weird. Some charismatics believe in a bizarre account of the Creation in Genesis 1 that takes the already dangerous “gap theory” to a new level. One false prophetess put it this way: that there were millions of years with dinosaurs roaming the Earth prior to God creating man. And while the dinosaurs were here, Satan caused them to start sinning (eating each other and fighting, etc.) so God flooded the Earth wiping them out. It was after that that God moved on with his six days of Creation and created Adam and Eve.

And let’s not forget his other escapades into the realm of the absurd. He once claimed to have cast a demon out of a puppy. Yes, a puppy. As if the forces of darkness have nothing better to do than possess man’s best friend. Then there’s the incident where he pushed over a man in a wheelchair. Whether this was a staged act or a genuine endangerment of someone’s health, it’s clear that Copeland’s so-called “healing ministry” is nothing more than a sham.

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But this latest comment about tithing being a ticking time bomb just demonstrates how given over these people are to such false teachings. According to Copeland, God doesn’t need your money—He’s doing just fine. Instead, God apparently insists on tithing so He can “enter into our affairs” and then “turn around and bless us and spend it all back on us.”

Let’s dissect this for a moment. The Bible does encourage believers to give, but not as some sort of divine investment scheme where God is waiting to shower you with blessings in return. The New Testament teaches that giving should be done cheerfully and not under compulsion (2 Corinthians 9:7). It’s a way to support the church and those in need, not a get-rich-quick scheme orchestrated by the Creator of the Universe.

Copeland’s teachings are a far cry from biblical Christianity. He’s the modern poster child for the prosperity gospel, a movement that perverts the true Gospel message by focusing on financial gain and physical healing. This is the same man who has declared himself to be a god and has made other blasphemous claims, such as casting a demon out of a puppy and pushing over a man in a wheelchair.

So why does Copeland insist on such teachings? The answer is simple—it’s lucrative. Copeland is a multi-millionaire who has built his empire on the backs of people wishing to have their ears tickled, many of whom are poor and underprivileged. His lies are not just unbiblical—they’re predatory.


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