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CVS Pharmacy “Accidentally” Prescribes Abortion Pills, Killing Two Twin Babies

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When reading the devastating story of Timika Thomas, a woman who had fought against infertility and opted for in-vitro fertilization to expand her family, it’s impossible not to be struck by the sheer horror of it all. After enduring two ectopic pregnancies and having her fallopian tubes removed, she finally saw a glimmer of hope. Doctors inserted two embryos into her womb, sending her home with prescriptions meant to trick her body into producing the hormones needed for a successful pregnancy.

To be clear, we are not defending the practice of in-vitro fertilization, as it is wrought with just as many ills as the abortion industry in many ways. In-vitro fertilization, more often than not, ends with multiple fertilized embryos being dealt a death sentence and, in the eyes of the living God, this is just as heinous as ending the lives of unborn children through abortion.

However, these embryos were already fertilized and, instead, they were dealt an undeserved death sentence by an industry that thrives on ending the lives of innocent children. Rightfully so, some states have attempted to ban the practice, though unsuccessfully thus far. However, unlike the “mother is a victim of abortion” narrative pushed by the ERLC and other “pro-life” advocacy groups, the in vitro industry is truly an industry where the mother is often a victim rather than the perpetrator.

Back to Thomas, she went to her local CVS in North Las Vegas, expecting that the professionals there would aid in her journey to motherhood. Instead, she was dealt a fatal blow—not to her, but to the unborn lives she so desperately wanted to nurture. Through a series of unfathomable errors by not just one, but two pharmacists and two technicians, she was given the wrong medication—a drug used for abortions. Her budding pregnancy was terminated on the spot, turning her dream into a nightmare. It’s a tragic tale of negligence, one that begs us to ask a larger question: How did we get here? How did we get to a point where a pharmacy can so easily—and mistakenly—hand out a pill that can terminate life, no questions asked?

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You see, the bitter reality is that this grave error didn’t occur in a vacuum. It’s the inevitable product of an abortion industry that has, for too long, operated under the guise of “healthcare.” For decades, this industry has campaigned to normalize abortion, to make it as routine as picking up a bottle of aspirin. This crusade has not only diminished the value of unborn life but has also created a culture that’s fertile ground for the kind of nightmare Timika Thomas had to endure.

Now let’s be clear, the pharmacists in this story failed at their job. They’ve been sanctioned for it, and rightly so. But think about it—in what sane society should a drug that can end human life be so casually dispensed, to the point where such a heinous mistake can be made? The abortion pill in question, misoprostol, is now just another item in a pharmacological inventory, a product of our desensitization to the act of aborting human lives.

And yet, abortion advocates would have you believe they’re the champions of women’s health? Spare me. If the health and well-being of women like Timika Thomas were really at the forefront, we wouldn’t be trivializing a drug that can kill unborn children.

When the abortion industry says, “safe, legal, and rare,” what they really mean is “ubiquitous, unchallenged, and unexamined.” They push for lax regulations and fight against any law that dares to suggest maybe—just maybe—murdering a child is a poor moral decision that you will likely regret for the rest of your life, and possibly eternity. No, instead they’d rather these drugs be as accessible as possible, public opinion, tragic stories like this one, and what the Creator of all life says be damned.

Now, CVS and its pharmacists are facing sanctions and fines, but don’t be fooled—this is not an isolated incident, but a symptom. A symptom of a society that has bought into the abortion industry’s lies hook, line, and sinker. We’ve swallowed the notion that abortion is healthcare, and now we’re paying the price.

The ultimate tragedy here is not just what happened to Timika Thomas, as heartbreaking as that is. No, the ultimate tragedy is that our society has created a system where such a horror could happen at all—a system that cheapens life, ignores moral complexity, and places convenience above the sanctity of the unborn. And for what? To uphold an ideology that has more regard for unrestricted access to abortion than for the women it claims to champion—let alone the innocent children who receive an undeserved death sentence without a trial.

To say “it will never be good enough” is an understatement. It’s an abomination. It’s time we recognize the real cost of a culture that not only tolerates but also trivializes such hatred of life. Lives are at stake, and as Timika Thomas’ story shows us, those lives are all too easily discarded.


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