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ERLC Head Praises Abortion Holocaust Cult Leader, Joe Biden, for Strong Remarks Against Terrorism

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In a not-so-stunning display of rank hypocrisy and political pandering, the president of the Southern Baptist convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) praised President Joe Biden for his “incredibly strong remarks” while visiting Israel in their fight against terrorism.

Biden, a man whose political agenda actively supports the killing of unborn children—something akin to a modern-day holocaust—suddenly found praise heaped upon him for talking about standing “beside” Israel in the good days and the dark days.

Keep in mind, this is the same Southern Baptist Entity whose former head, Russell Moore, couldn’t muster up enough integrity to stop the never-ending character assassination on Donald Trump while in office to even say “thank you” for at least appointing Supreme Court justices who would ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade.

The dissonance is glaring—how can an organization that professes to be grounded in biblical ethics applaud a leader who so openly and blatantly supports and desires to expand the killing of innocent children on a level exponentially greater than the death toll in Israel? Of course, we should support the right of a free and sovereign nation to defend itself against terrorism, but for one of the leaders of the nation’s largest non-Catholic denomination to praise a talking corpse who is killing our own nation for comments he was told to make by his handlers is insane.

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Biden, during his remarks, said, “Well, today I say to all of Israel, the United States isn’t going anywhere either. We’re gonna stand with you. We will walk beside you in those dark days and walk beside you in the good days to come and they will come as you say in Hebrew, which I’m not going to attempt to do because I’m such a terrible linguist.” I’m sure it took a genius like Biden to come up with such a complex speech.

While fighting terrorism is indeed a noble cause and aligning with allies like Israel could be geopolitically strategic and in the best interest of our nation, the problem lies in the not just in the inconsistency of Biden’s moral stance, but Leatherwood’s praise for such an immoral person. Whether or not you liked Trump, there is no doubt that the policies he put in place were far more beneficial to the nation than Biden’s. Yet, these same men would never have offered that kind of boot-licking to the former Republican president.

Yes, Trump was extremely personally immoral, and the blind support and constant praise of him without reservation coming from some Evangelicals was nauseating. Yet, it’s absolutely insane to suggest that the Democrats somehow hold the moral high ground. Biden, on one hand, promises to stand against the evil of terrorism, yet on the other hand, champions policies that not only permit, but encourage the murder of millions of innocent lives in the womb.

When our so-called “Christian” leaders overlook such glaring moral inconsistencies, it’s not merely baffling—it’s alarming. The Scriptures tell us, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness” (Isaiah 5:20). Biden’s actions supporting abortion clearly fall under what biblical doctrine considers “evil,” yet the ERLC chooses to praise him for what essentially amounts to a politically correct statement against terrorism.


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