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Andy Stanley’s ‘Embracing the Journey’ Conference: A Full Report and Exposé. Part 1

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Andy Stanley and his associated churches have all been under fire in recent months after a series of exposes outing North Point as not simply tolerant, but completely embracing of homosexuality. The Dissenter has published numerous articles demonstrating Stanley’s complete apostasy on this issue as well as other publications.

A few years ago, it became clear that Andy Stanley was beginning to embrace a pro-homosexual, pro-feminist worldview for his church. Andy Stanley’s co-pastor once told the mother of an openly gay and practicing lesbian that her daughter was saved.

A few years ago, we broke the news, his church baptized an openly gay man who clearly identifies himself as a homosexual living a homosexual lifestyle. Unreal!

Since we broke that news in 2021, an avalanche of information has been coming out of North Point regarding their pro-homosexual stance. A few months ago, another video surfaced where Andy Stanley told the congregation that some homosexuals who “love Jesus” have a stronger faith than most Christians.

Recently, it also came to our attention that not only is North Point baptizing open homosexuals, but also baptizing openly “transgender” people. In this video, a woman pastor named Elaine Scott baptizes Troy Zapp, a woman who is a practicing lesbian and now identifies, acts, and dresses like a man and has assumed a male name.

So why is it that so many open, practicing sexually immoral people feel so comfortable expressing their aberrant sexuality at North Point? Well, our friends at our sister publication, Protestia, infiltrated North Point Community Church’s gay-affirming Unconditional Conference and has published what they heard. To say the least, what was said at this conference explains so much.

The following is from Protestia:

Initially intended to be a quiet event, it blossomed into a significant news story that the church was unprepared for when the conference was conceived 18 months ago. The chatter eventually got so loud that Stanley addressed this controversy from the pulpit yesterday in a sermon that was not live-streamed but that we have a recording of here. In his message, Stanley explained how the conference came to be and insisted that the church’s view of homosexuality hadn’t changed in 28 years. 

We disagreed, and that’s why drove across the country to attend.

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When we pointed out to a volunteer we met on the sidewalk that there was more security than we were used to seeing at a conference, he told us, “Yeah, some Christian blogger has been attacking us and blowing the whole thing up.” 

The atmosphere inside reflected that. There was a strong police presence during the event, with a cop car parked outside the church the entire time. Inside, volunteers asked attendees to remove their IDs from their wallets and purses to verify it against the name on the ticket, with one volunteer explaining, “We don’t want the wrong crowd trying to sneak in.”

LeAnne Legans and Gregory Cook greeted us upon entering the conference. Legans is the gay-affirming North Point leader who was last seen getting a lapdance at a drag show, and Gregory Cook is the co-founder of Renovus, an LGBTQ-affirming activist group founded and run by Pastors and leaders within North Point Church, whose mission is to advocate for full inclusion of LGBTQ folks within the church. We smiled, said “hi,” received our lanyard, and came inside.

Posters on the church walls and displayed prominently on projector screens warned against recording any of this conference, citing Georgia law which mandates fines and jail time. In conversation with conference organizers and volunteers, they stressed that security officers were in plain clothes, patrolling the halls and watching the events. In one session a man was taking notes on his laptop and within minutes a volunteer told him he needed to put it away because it could record video or pick up audio. During our check-in, we heard security talking, sharing their concerns about infiltrators and protestors.

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