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Pastor at Transformation Church Defends Dropping F-Bombs, Says Holy Spirit Has Never Convicted Him of Cussing

by | Aug 17, 2023 | Apostasy, News, Religion, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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In the sphere of what some call “pastoral leadership,” Mike Todd, the “pastor” of Transformation Church has shamelessly gained recognition through shenanigans that are nothing short of disgraceful and offensive. Over the past few years, he degraded the act of tithing into a vulgar million-dollar lottery and, in a repulsive act, spat on a person’s face during his sermon. This past “Easter Sunday,” in a horrendous and sacrilegious spectacle, he had a woman crucified on stage, all while playing the worldly music of Justin Timberlake and the money-driven Ke$ha. This mockery is not just an insult to everything sacred; it’s a damning indictment of Todd and his illegitimate “church.”

But the mockery of Christ isn’t limited to just Mike Todd. His co-pastors are caught right up in mix of Pagan ritualism and animalistic profanement of the sacred. Another one of Todd’s co-pastors, Tim Ross, recently went on Instagram to defend himself cussing and dropping F-bombs.

“If I don’t, it may not. I’m not sitting up here cussing like a sailor. Every other word is getting beat because it’s like Morris Code. That’s never been me. But I have always used strong language in my life, both pre-salvation and post-salvation, and have never felt a conviction of the Holy Spirit.

It’s clear as day that Todd’s and his staff’s motives aren’t even remotely connected to the true teachings of the Bible, but rather are soaked in selfish attention-seeking and self-glorification. His shameless love for sensationalism is a direct affront to genuine Christian values.

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The Bible doesn’t mince words—it tells us straight up that we will know false prophets by their deeds. Todd and his co-pastors aren’t just confused, they are flagrant charlatans, displaying evil works that betray actual Christianity. Such a so-called spiritual Hell-hole doesn’t deserve recognition among the body of christ, and Todd and his co-pastors’ disgraceful influence should be seen for what it is: a corruption of true Christian principles.

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