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SBC Prez Joins Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Abortion Activist to Bash Church Over Christian Nationalism

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I woke up this morning, and to my complete shock and dismay, I saw that Southern Baptist Convention president, Bart Barber, is slated to join a secular publication that’s hosting hundreds of speakers, 90+ percent of which are progressives, to speak on this issue of “the rise of Christian nationalism.” I couldn’t help but notice that one of the speakers he will be joining in this discussion is a woman named Anthea Butler. Here’s Barber’s tweet:

Who is Anthea Butler? Anthea Butler is a professor and chair of the University of Pennsylvania Department of Religious Studies. She is known for her far-left activism in support of abortion and LGBTQ rights. She has made ludicrous assertions, even blaming “White Evangelical Racism” for the end of Roe v. Wade and claiming that “White Evangelicalism” is trying to “destroy the lives of trans kids” and “LGBT persons.” She has also urged people to leave non-gay-affirming churches and said churches that adhere to a biblical sexual ethic are not following Jesus.

Here are a few of Butler’s tweets:

And here she is defending LGBTQ against “white evangelical racists”:


Anthea Butler outlines how the far-right uses religion to justify attacking the rights of minorities, women, and LGBTQ people. Butler says this rhetoric is not new. #religion #farrightextremism

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In one of her recent demonstrations of rebellion against God, Butler went on a cursing spree on Twitter, cussing out a man on Twitter. During an NFL game earlier this year, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night. Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest after a tackle and received CPR on the field. He was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and is now sedated. Play was suspended in the game, which was later postponed.

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Following the incident, sports commentator, Skip Bayless took to Twitter to suggest that the NFL should not postpone the game. Whether or not Bayless’s comments were warranted is irrelevant, the following was Anthea Butler’s (the public religious award winner that Beth Moore praised) response to Bayless:

Sounds like a pleasant lady, doesn’t she? It sounds like this is who Southern Baptist Convention president should be colluding with to bash Christian Nationalism, right? It is one thing to critique Christian Nationalism on its merits, and it’s another to completely misrepresent what most people who identify as Christian Nationalists mean when they say they support it. It’s no secret that Barber and Butler share a common hatred toward this movement—and their hatred is grounded and rooted in their hatred of truly conservative biblical ideals, to begin with.

Barber is a centrist, he claims to be against such things as abortion, but has repeatedly stated that he has no desire to use the legal system to hold mothers who have them accountable for their crimes. In fact, this is the official position of the denomination he leads. I understand there is much to be critiqued in the Christian Nationalism movement, but those who hold that position are brothers and sisters in Christ, and going on a secular publication, joining secular haters of God, to bash these brothers and sisters in Christ speaks volumes about more than just Barber’s intellect, but also his heart. This is a church matter, and what Anthea Butler, or any other God-hating rebellious worldly feminist has to say about it should be given absolutely zero weight by the Church.


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