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Teen Arrested While Preaching on Public Sidewalk as Drag Queens Do Sex Dances in Front of Children

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Anyone who argues that drag shows are “just entertainment” and not sexualized is by definition what God calls those who “justify the wicked” in Proverbs 17:15. The drag cult is a sex cult. The cult of Dionysus was a Greek mystery religion centered around the worship of the god of wine, fertility, and ecstasy. This cult involved frenzied dancing, music, and sexual rituals, particularly including homosexual practices among male worshippers. Same-sex relationships and acts were considered a natural part of the cult’s worship, and it was believed that they helped to bring the worshippers closer to their god.

Male followers of the cult were known as “maenads” and “satyrs” and would often dress in women’s clothing, wear makeup, and engage in effeminate behavior as a part of their worship. These perverted acts, even back then, were seen as a way to transcend traditional gender roles and connect with the gods more profoundly. The cult of Dionysus was so grotesque that it was even viewed as subversive and dangerous by the mainstream “tolerant” culture of ancient Greece, but it remained popular throughout the Hellenistic period and beyond.

This cult is the best depiction I can give for the drag queen cult that is taking over our nation as we speak and sadly, governments, schools, and even places that call themselves “churches” have been given over completely to the ideology of this cult. But what’s worse is that the cult today has become overwhelmingly militant and is using the nation’s legal system to enforce the rules of acceptance set forth by its religious mission. We’re now seeing these drag queens co-opt the government to squelch any opposition to their movement.

This week in Watertown, WI, one scene of a young teen, Marcus Schroeder, arrested for preaching the gospel near a drag show has taken social media by storm. A teen was preaching on a public sidewalk outside of a drag event where men dressed as scantily clad caricatures of women danced in a sexualized manner in front of young children—something that is illegal according to Wisconsin law. Yet, instead of arresting these men who are subjecting young children to their sexual perversions, the cops decided to forcefully arrest the teen on the sidewalk and charge him with unlawfully using amplification and resisting arrest.

While the ordinance in Wisconsin does state that one needs a permit to use amplification, one can generally not be arrested for the offense. The penalty is a citation and a fine, at most. Yet, the officers decided to forcefully snatch and seize the sound equipment and place the student under arrest. Clearly an unlawful and unconstitutional act of violence against a Christian voice who was clearly targeted for his faith.

So why was Christian teen targeted? According to the Republic Sentinel, Jason Storms—who filmed the viral video and also serves as the minister of evangelism at Mercy Seat Christian Church—said that over 200 protesters, including youth from Mercy Seat Christian Church in Wisconsin, gathered to protest this drag show. The police, directed by city leaders, arrested several young people. Three were detained and later released with warnings for praying and talking in the park and Schroeder was charged with unlawful use of sound amplification and resisting arrest for preaching outside the venue.

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