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SBC State Director of Evangelism Says Eternal Salvation Can Only Come After Social Justice

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In the midst of a progressive shift and growing divide within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), social justice has become the dividing line that some are not willing to cross and others are not willing to go without. The social justice movement in the SBC has caused quite a bit of turmoil and has led to the denomination passing resolutions affirming Critical Race Theory and other anti-biblical ideologies. But until recent months, the rejection of sound biblical theology in favor of such worldly ideologies hasn’t been quite so brazen.

It seems like every week, the SBC takes up a new pet issue. If it wasn’t softening its stance on homosexuality, it became about the #churchtoo “believe women” movement, or the “racial reconciliation movement,” or women pastors. Now it seems like gun control is on the table—and some of its top leaders are spending your tithe dollars to promote it.

In fact, after the Covenant School shooting in TN by a transvestite several weeks ago, Brent Leatherwood, who has three children enrolled in this school, has become one of the state’s top advocates for stricter gun control. Not to get into the politics of why stricter gun control is such a ludicrous policy, but Leatherwood has become a rogue agent in this movement clearly not representing the consensus of Southern Baptists as a whole.

But it isn’t just Leatherwood—the Baptist Press, the propaganda arm of the Southern Baptist Convention also known as the Baptist Pravda, is now promoting a gun-control ministry that teaches that young men caught up in violent lifestyles cannot be eternally saved until we as a nation enact laws and policies that save their lives in the present.

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In an article titled Exegete the Culture, Philadelphia pastor of Great Commission Church which runs a ministry called ManUpPHL (Man Up Philadelphia) explains:

“When you’ve got kids getting killed around you that’s 13 and 15 years old, your life expectancy is not, ‘I’m going to have a wife and a few kids and a house with a picket fence…all of a sudden the trajectory minimizes and shortens, and all of a sudden you’re starting to think, ‘Hey, I’ve got to do all I’m going to do now. So, I’ve got to get a car now. I’ve got to have a child now. If I want this jewelry, I’ve got to get that now.”

“And most of them don’t have the jobs or the income to get it, so what do they do? ‘Ah, I’ve got to get a gun. And if I get a gun I can get it, because he got it and I’ll just take his.’”

According to a testimony during a public hearing in front of the Philadelphia city council, ManUpPHL pays its mentees 15 dollars an hour not to engage in gun violence. Let that sink in for a moment and imagine how that might turn out.

Anderson, who is also the State Director of Evangelism for the SBC in PA, however, continues to explain in his article at the Baptist Press that all of this social justice is necessary because they can’t be saved eternally without it. “There’s a psychological warfare that’s eating them alive,” he said, referencing peer pressure, social media and a lack of communication skills according to the article. “We’ve got to save their life in the present before we can save their life eternally.”

Make no mistake about it, this is the kind of ideology that has taken over the Southern Baptist Convention and when you send money to the cooperative program, you’re paying for this kind of propaganda to be spread throughout your churches.


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