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Former SWBTS President Spends Millions of Southern Baptist Dollars on Personal Residence

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Eight months ago, the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) was rocked by the sudden resignation of its then-president, Adam Greenway, amidst allegations of plagiarism against the former SBC president, Ed Litton, whom Greenway openly supported. However, leaked documents now suggest that Greenway’s transgressions extended far beyond plagiarism scandals, diving into dangerous territory of financial mismanagement and misuse of power at SWBTS.

Amid an investigation into Greenway’s activities, board member, Aaron Sligar’s trustee report revealed shocking allegations about Greenway’s tenure, pointing out gross financial incompetency and highlighting staggering amounts of overspending on renovations and improper usage of institutional accounts.

The severity of these allegations indicated systematic failures rather than isolated incidents. The report revealed an appalling violation of trust as it cites instances of credit cards taken out in the names of unsuspecting staff members, leaving them liable for the payments. Along with damaging personal credit scores, these credit cards were allegedly used for institutional expenses, a clear violation of trust and potential identity theft.

There were also accusations of donor designation changes, implying funds were shifted from their intended purpose to operations. As these allegations shake the community, trustees have called for a meeting demanding full disclosure and transparency. As this crisis of leadership unfolds, the SWBTS and the wider Southern Baptist community are left grappling with the severe implications on their trust, financial stability, and moral standing.

So, Southern Baptists, brace yourselves for a financial gut punch. According to a Summary of Findings posted on the SWBTS website by the board of trustees, it appears your hard-earned dollars have been turned into little more than festive baubles and coffee shop luxuries at the Southwestern Seminary. Between 2019 and 2022, the Seminary’s President’s residence swallowed up a staggering $1.5 million in renovations and furnishings, all while you were told about crucial budget cuts and a trimming faculty.

Here’s the bill. An eye-watering $59,865.79 was squandered on Christmas decorations, $25,000 vanished into artwork, and $11,123.49 was poured into an espresso machine and its accessories. Because, apparently, a standard coffee maker just wouldn’t do. Add to this a questionable $180,000 spent on additional HVAC work in late 2021, after previous extensive renovations were completed.

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But the extravagance doesn’t stop at the front door. A hefty half a million dollars was directed towards renovations and new furniture for the President’s office. Because, evidently, a basic desk and chair won’t cut it.

The financial missteps don’t end there. The former President, Adam Greenway, took the liberty of adding $15,706.56 of personal expenses to the seminary’s tab. Included in this is nearly $10,000 for first-class airfare to Anaheim, California (where he opposed any action against churches with women pastors), close to $5,000 for framing personal diplomas, and a downright bizarre $920 for a metal University of Florida Gator head decoration.

And the fallout? Overworked seminary employees, leading to poor morale and high turnover. This isn’t financial management, it’s financial negligence.

This woeful saga of wastefulness isn’t just a financial faux pas; it’s a slap in the face to every Southern Baptist who believed their donations were serving a higher purpose. It’s time for the Seminary to get its house in order, fess up to its financial failures, and make certain such a reckless spending spree never occurs again. The Southern Baptists deserve nothing less.


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