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Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Quoting Bible at Gay Pride Event

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In an egregious spectacle that could only be described as a brutal assault on religious liberty, Damon Atkins, a Christian preacher, was publicly shackled and hauled off for exercising his constitutional right to free speech in the town of Reading, PA. In this so-called era of “freedom” and “inclusivity,” where pride parades are exalted, it stings with profound irony that a Christian man daring to voice the Gospel of Christ was met not with an open forum for dialogue but with cold iron handcuffs.

On a bone-chilling Saturday morning, Atkins took a stand, choosing to demonstrate his neighborly love through the sharing of a message of repentance. His only weapon was the Word of God. His battlefield was a public sidewalk. His adversaries? A system that appears to revel in sin while gagging the pious.

Viral video footage provides irrefutable proof of the injustice: Atkins was arrested mid-sentence, uttering just three words – “God is not…” before his voice was unceremoniously choked off by Sergeant Bradley T. McClure. In the America of today, it seems, quoting Scripture has become incendiary, viewed as provocative and as disturbing the peace.

But, it begs the question: when did the Word of God morph into a criminal act? When did propagating the redeeming message of Christ become synonymous with “Disorderly Conduct Engage in Fighting”? Atkins’ arrest serves not only as a blatant violation of the fundamental principle of freedom of speech but signals a troubling trend in which the Christian voice is increasingly marginalized, belittled, and muffled.

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In an unnerving sequence of events, Atkins was accused of causing a “substantial public inconvenience.” Yet, the video evidence seems to outright contradict this claim by the police. Atkins did not spew hatred. He did not ignite violence. He merely quoted Scripture, holding a sign that read, “JESUS SAID GO AND SIN NO MORE.” Yet, this, the city of Reading concluded, was a disturbance warranting arrest.

The flagrant treatment of Atkins is a gruesome parody of justice and a stark sign of a culture that’s all too willing to chip away at its foundational values in the pursuit of a misconstrued interpretation of “tolerance”. This supposed tolerance, it seems, is a one-way street, extended only to those aligned with a liberal, secular worldview, while Christians are implicitly asked to put a lid on their profound convictions.

Here is a copy of the criminal complaint filed by one of the officers at the scene:

Rubbing salt into the wound, Atkins’ arrest was greeted with cheers from onlookers. This crowd, eager to endorse a man’s right to identify as a woman, seemed unwilling to extend that same fervor toward a man’s right to profess his faith publicly.

In a time where “love” is the rallying cry of the LGBTQ movement, Atkins’ persecution starkly exposes the emptiness of such a slogan. Where is the love for a man peacefully expressing his faith? Where is the tolerance for diverse viewpoints? Where is the acknowledgment of the profound Christian heritage that has shaped this great nation?

Atkins’ ordeal should ring alarm bells for the faithful across America. Where is Russell Moore? Where is David French? Where are these so-called “Christian” champions of “free speech” who instill in us the idea that handing over our children to drag queens and sex perverts is just a “blessing of liberty”?

The time has come to spotlight the systematic muffling of Christian voices under the guise of preserving public decorum. By permitting the silencing of Scripture in the public sphere, we fail not just Atkins, but future generations, robbing them of their right to hear the life-saving message of the Gospel.

The grim reality is that while celebrating sin is lauded, preaching repentance has become a criminal act. As Christians, we must recognize this dangerous precedent and stand up against the wave of censorship, remaining unyielding in our faith, firmly adhering to the Gospel, and boldly proclaiming, as Atkins did, that true love warns of sin and urges repentance. Today, Atkins’ voice was muffled. If we stay complacent, who will be silenced next?


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