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NC Republicans Make Deal With Satan, Pass Extremely Compromised Abortion Bill

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In these continual acts of staggering betrayal that blaze across the moral landscape of so-called “conservatism,” the compromise on pro-life laws which still permit abortions can only be branded as Hell’s compromise. Those who posture themselves as conservatives, yet sell their souls in the devil’s marketplace by endorsing such compromises, have opened the gates to a sinister pact with Satan himself.

In a seismic political earthquake that’s rattling not only pro-abortion progressives, but also the conservative pro-life community, the Republican-dominated North Carolina Legislature overrode Governor Roy Cooper’s veto, putting Senate Bill 20, dubbed the Care for Women, Children, and Families Act, into law. This bill, with its stated intentions to rewrite the state’s health care laws, specifically those circling around the contentious topic of abortion, has been hailed by some as a soaring victory for conservatism. Yet, for those standing firmly on the biblical foundations of life, this is nothing short of a catastrophic defeat.

An initial skim through the bill might mask itself as a step toward the pro-life objective. However, a more comprehensive dissection of the legislation tears off this thin veil of conservatism, laying bare a chilling reality. This bill harbors a nefarious clause that greenlights the horrifying atrocity, the ultimate crime: the execution of innocent, unborn lives.

Senate Bill 20 sanctions abortions during the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy, and, in what should be shocking to all of us, carves out exceptions for cases of rape or incest until the twentieth week. It’s these provisions that land a gut-punch to those who truly champion the sanctity of life universally. The unborn child, bearing no guilt for his father’s crimes, can be tragically sentenced to an undeserved death penalty under this bill.

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In spite of this glaring compromise, North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore crowed, “I am proud that the House has overridden the Governor’s veto of this meaningful, mainstream legislation. Senate Bill 20 will save lives and provide needed support for women and families while putting North Carolina’s abortion law in line with most of the rest of the free world.”

He added, “Today the North Carolina House of Representatives has affirmed the value of human life, and I am proud that the ‘Care for Women, Children, and Families Act’ is now law.”

Baloney! The passage of this bill doesn’t save lives—it is a grim dance with the devil that tosses aside the sanctity of life, leaving the pro-life movement in its chilling shadow. It’s amazing that the NC General Assembly has a veto-proof majority yet still can’t stop the reality of the murder of innocent children among us.

It’s a grotesque irony in our society, which never fails to roar for the rights of violent career criminals on subway trains, but simultaneously turns a blind eye to the most helpless among us. These unborn children, voiceless and defenseless, are savagely robbed of the most primal of all rights: the right to live. This is not a question of personal convenience or flexible ethics; it’s a matter of irrefutable morality.

Every life is a divine masterpiece, fashioned by God’s hand, and every child conceived is a blessing, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding their conception. Senate Bill 20, beneath its guise of faux, compromised conservatism, shatters this sacred truth. It’s not a conservative bill; it’s a disgraceful surrender, a compromise on the sanctity of life, and a treacherous betrayal of the most innocent among us.

The enactment of this bill should serve as a grim reminder that the fight for life is far from settled. We can’t be appeased by half-hearted measures and shaky compromises. The pro-life movement must seize the moment, demanding robust legislation from our leaders that unflinchingly guards the right to life for everyone, from conception until natural death.


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