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Despite Endless Scandals, Hillsong Music Still Reigns Supreme in Most Evangelical Churches

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The global Evangelical church stands at a crossroads, confronting a crisis of conscience that threatens to erode the very foundations of its faith. The persistence of Hillsong music within its sanctuaries, despite years of fervent warnings by discerning Christians, is a testament to this alarming trend.

The recent revelations about Carl Lentz, the ex-Hillsong pastor who has openly admitted to an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with a nanny, who was recently hired by Transformation Church where notorious blasphemer, Mike Todd preaches, are just the latest in a long line of scandals that have plagued the church. These scandals expose a pattern of questionable theology, prosperity gospel, celebrity worship, and moral failings that should have been enough to disqualify Hillsong from any standing in the evangelical community.

Hillsong Church, despite its global popularity and influence, has consistently proven to be a breeding ground for false converts. Its alluring blend of contemporary music and celebrity culture often obscures its theological shortcomings, leading many astray. At various junctures, the church has employed openly, practicing homosexuals to lead their worship choir, and Marty Sampson, a prominent Hillsong worship leader and songwriter, publicly renounced his faith after gaining fame, further highlighting the questionable spiritual environment within the organization.

This pattern of conduct suggests a fundamental disconnect between Hillsong’s public image and the foundational principles of Christianity. Yet, the music continues to ring out in congregations across the globe. It’s a grim reminder of the church’s reluctance to confront the truth about Hillsong’s deep-seated issues. This stubborn clinging to the melodies—and the maladies—of Hillsong, in the face of all evidence of its egregious misconduct, is nothing short of a betrayal of the evangelical commitment to truth, integrity, and moral righteousness.

In the wake of Lentz’s admission and the ensuing scandal, discerning Christians who have long cautioned against Hillsong must be asking: What more will it take for the church to sever its ties with this organization?

Hillsong’s prosperity gospel and its various aberrant theologies have been a point of contention for many, promoting a materialistic mindset that is starkly at odds with the humility and selflessness preached by Jesus Christ. Its focus on celebrity culture and the elevation of pastors to rockstar status creates an environment where spiritual leadership is overshadowed by charisma and image, distorting the gospel’s message.

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The controversy surrounding Carl Lentz, once celebrated as a “rockstar pastor”, took a shocking turn when he confessed to having an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with the nanny of his children. According to People, Lentz, renowned for his close relationship with celebrities like Justin Bieber, unveiled the sordid details of his extramarital affair in FX’s new documentary series, “The Secrets of Hillsong.” Lentz’s admission of infidelity, first announced in 2020, led to his dismissal from Hillsong, a church he helped establish in New York City.

The former Hillsong pastor, now 44, addressed the scandal and its aftermath in the documentary according to People, sharing his deepest regrets and fears. “I had some major lies and secrets I was carrying for years,” Lentz admitted, according to People. “If you are led by somebody, you have to trust them. One of the biggest [mistakes] of my life was that breach of trust for thousands of people, especially my wife, my children.” This confession reveals the toll his indiscretions took on his personal life and his pastoral responsibilities.

Further, according to People, the Lentz family’s nanny, Leona Kimes, was implicated in the scandal. Kimes, also a member of the church, was reportedly found by Laura Lentz, Carl’s wife, in a “compromising position” with the pastor. “I was pretty much gaslit by both of them for quite a while,” Laura Lentz confessed. This revelation of deceit within the Lentz household highlights the deep betrayal experienced by Laura Lentz, and the shocking duplicity that marked her husband’s conduct.

Lentz’s scandal is a symptom of this larger issue. His infidelity and deceitful conduct, particularly as a spiritual leader, are indefensible. Yet, the church’s response to these revelations has been deeply troubling. The continued play of Hillsong music suggests a willingness to turn a blind eye to serious moral failings, prioritizing pleasing music over the sanctity of the church’s moral and theological foundations.

The evangelical church’s complacency in the face of Hillsong’s misconduct is deeply concerning. It signals a dangerous precedent, wherein the allure of catchy music and charismatic leaders can overshadow the need for theological soundness and moral integrity. This is a path that risks leading the church away from its core mission and values, compromising the very essence of the faith it claims to uphold.

It is time for the evangelical church to take a firm stand. The music of Hillsong, while melodious and popular, should not be used as a tool to mask the deeper issues at play. The church must prioritize its theological and moral commitments over the appeal of popular culture. If it fails to do so, it risks losing its very soul, trading in the timeless truth of the gospel for the fleeting allure of celebrity culture and prosperity theology.

The ongoing support for Hillsong, despite the evidence of its failings, is a lamentable testament to the state of contemporary evangelicalism. The church is called to be a beacon of truth, integrity, and spiritual depth. Its leaders are expected to embody these principles, setting an example for their congregations. By continuing to play Hillsong music, evangelical churches tacitly condone the very issues they should stand against – superficial theology, moral failings, and the dangerous intertwining of celebrity and spirituality.

The influence of music on worship cannot be underestimated. It shapes the spirit of the congregation, contributes to its theological understanding, and creates an atmosphere for divine encounters. When the source of this music is marred by scandal, it taints the sanctity of worship. The chord structure of Hillsong music, however catchy or emotionally evocative, carries with them the echoes of a deeply apostate organization that does not reflect the nature, character, or revelation of God.

The recent revelations about Carl Lentz and the persistent scandals surrounding Hillsong should be a wake-up call for all evangelical churches. To ignore these issues is to allow the church to be steered by the whims of popular culture, rather than the steadfast principles of faith. An evaluation of the state of Evangelical Christianity and the music that fills the sanctuaries is long overdue as churches and worship leaders need real, pastoral oversight ensuring that what it calls “worship” actually aligns with the moral and theological standards that the church claims to uphold.

This is not a call to condemnation, but rather a call to discernment and integrity and a warning that God is not pleased with false worship. God is the one who gets to decide how He wants to be worshiped and the Church must prioritize the purity of worship and the authenticity of the gospel message over the snare of appealing music and charismatic leaders. The church has a responsibility to its congregation and to its faith to present a worship experience that is spiritually sound over and above emotional engagement.

The continued playing of Hillsong music in evangelical churches, despite the mounting evidence of moral and theological failings, is deeply concerning. It is a lamentable testimony to the current state of evangelicalism, a stark indicator of the need for a reassessment of priorities. The question that remains is, will the church finally heed these warnings, or will it continue to let the melodies of Hillsong drown out the alarm bells?


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