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Andy Stanley’s North Point Baptizes Unrepentant Openly “Transgender” Woman Who Became a “Man”

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Andy Stanley, the pastor of Northpoint Church in Atlanta, is best known for blaspheming God and denying the Scriptures. Stanley announced that his own church would remain closed in 2020 because of the coronavirus — despite the fact that the coronavirus has had a relatively low impact on church congregations and has not been the monster pandemic it was made out to be.

While many have been up in arms over Stanley’s conviction to shutter people from his church, in reality, Christians should be quite thankful that he’s done so as many will be forced to find a real church. However, since his church has reopened, they are up to new shenanigans.

A few years ago, it became clear that Andy Stanley was beginning to embrace a pro-homosexual, pro-feminist worldview for his church. Andy Stanley’s co-pastor once told the mother of an openly gay and practicing lesbian that her daughter was saved.

A few years ago, we broke the news, his church baptized an openly gay man who clearly identifies himself as a homosexual living a homosexual lifestyle. Unreal!

Since we broke that news in 2021, an avalanche of information has been coming out of North Point regarding their pro-homosexual stance. A few months ago, another video surfaced where Andy Stanley told the congregation that some homosexuals who “love Jesus” have a stronger faith than most Christians.

Now, it has come to our attention that not only is North Point baptizing open homosexuals, but also baptizing openly “transgender” people. In the video below, a woman pastor named Elaine Scott baptizes Troy Zapp, a woman who is a practicing lesbian and now identifies, acts, and dresses like a man and has assumed a male name.

So who is Troy Zapp? At one pro-trans website for a transgender event, Zapp’s biography tells her story as a woman who dated women, but refused to call herself a lesbian:

My name is Troy Zapp and I am 26 years old. I started my transition in October of 2014. I dated women my whole life, but never called myself a lesbian as the “label” did not seem fitting for some reason. After meeting a transgender man in early 2014, I was able to finally understand my life in context to my thoughts and feelings. This led me to a massive decision with both my faith and family. I had no idea what GOD would think of this, let alone my family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. 

My family struggled deeply with me dating girls, and the struggle was worse when it came to finding my place at church and in GOD’s heart. I was lucky enough to meet up with clay Scroggins and Elaine Scott of NPCC, to finally find some clarity on what my life would look life in GOD’s eyes if I went through with becoming a man. What did this have on my faith, my personal relationship, and belonging in a church? I needed answers, and peace. 

After meeting with them, I left that day with the weight of the world off my shoulders and this uncontrollable feeling come across me. They helped me understand that GOD loves us all, in any shape or form, because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have sent his son down to die for ALL of our sins. If they only knew how long I had been waiting on that comfort; and those simple words. My faith from that day on exploded with joy and persistence. 

It is ironic that the one place that all LGBTQ’s fear the most to be involved with (church), was the same place that brought my transition upon me. I use to hate and fear the church including all the people in it. Now, I am involved and loved, and know I belong.


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