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Bethel Church Says Lady Keeps Breaking Toe Running to Watch The Bachelor, Keeps Getting Healed at Bethel

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Bethel Church, and its associated school, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, is loaded with stories of bizarre healings and other strange fantasies. Recently, we reported that Bethel Church had baptized a woman not because she believed she had been saved by the blood of Jesus, that she had been transformed by the Holy Spirit and made new, or that she had even come to know and love God. No, the reason she was baptized is because, according to her, God wanted her to become a warrior for the animal kingdom.

And Bethel went right along with it, mocking the ordinance of baptism, and mocking God to his face.

Then we reported on another bizarre story where Bethel Church leader, Bill Johnson said that people stood around and watched a woman’s amputated toes grow back right in front of everyone as they prayed over her. Interestingly, the crowd at Bethel can always grab cell phone videos of dudes necking each other or people walking around with a puppet nibbling each others’ faces during a Holy Spirit “healing service,” but they can never get these “miraculous” healings on video.

But another bizarre story about healing toes at Bethel involves a woman who lives in the neighborhood (of the school, I guess?) who keeps breaking her while she runs back into the living room to watch The Bachelor. Colton, a student at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry explains:

One lady that we keep inviting out keep inviting out, is Tika. She lives in the neighborhood, and we see her every week. She had kind of standoffish, but on January 12, she had broken her toe from running to watch The Bachelor because the commercials were over, and she had to run back into the room, and she jammed it into the wall, and she broke her toe. 

So we’re like, can we pray for you? She’s like, all right. So I put my hand on her foot, real gentle, because she broke her toe and just prayed. And she said she could actually feel her foot coming back together, like she felt the bones moving back into place. 

That was amazing. And she just started laughing because there’s no right response in that moment. And the next week, we come back, and she had again jammed her foot. So we prayed again. She got healed again. 

The next week, same thing. She jammed her foot again. Always running to catch The Bachelor, which I think is hilarious. And she just keeps getting healed, keeps hurting herself, keeps getting healed. 

And then even this weekend, saw her at a gas station, and she had hurt her foot again. She was about to go to the hospital, so I asked if I could pray for her again. She jumps out of the car, pray for her. 

She just keeps on getting healed. Just this silly, ridiculous she just keeps getting to meet Jesus in that way, and she just keeps getting healed, even though she keeps hurting herself. And it’s completely her fault. 

Okay, back to reality for a minute. Do you know what this sounds like? It sounds like she broke her toe, comes to Bethel, and isn’t actually getting healed. It sounds like she needs to see a real foot doctor, not a witch doctor at Bethel.



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