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Walmart to Close Four Chicago Stores Amid Ongoing Losses from Crime and Theft

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I don’t typically write about political or corporate issues unless they somehow relate to the Church. So I am writing about this because I believe that it affects Christians and is demonstrative of the judgment of God on a nation that has abandoned a Christian worldview and instead embraced progressive Democrat politics. This is only the beginning of the decline of this nation due to moral decay and depravity.

Under the harrowing reign of Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the malevolent rogue prosecutor Kim Foxx, Chicago has been thrust into a nightmarish inferno of gun violence and lawlessness in the midst of the pandemic. The city, suffocated by a horrifying 33% surge in serious crime since Lightfoot seized power in 2019, has been brought to its knees with over 800 fatalities in 2021 alone and nearly 700 more the following year.

The bloodcurdling specter of gang violence continues to terrorize the city, as brazen criminal syndicates audaciously pillage retail stores across a multitude of neighborhoods, including the once-proud primary shopping district. Carjackings, muggings, and shootings have become chillingly routine, with predominantly Black communities shouldering the heaviest burden of this chaos.

In an eye-opening press release on April 11, Walmart unveiled plans to shutter four of its beleaguered Chicago stores in the wake of relentless financial hemorrhaging due to the constant crime and theft. Despite efforts to bolster the performance of these struggling locations, they have been mired in unprofitability since the first store threw open its doors nearly 17 years ago. Walmart pledged to treat affected employees and communities with the utmost respect and compassion as they navigate this turbulent transition.

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The beleaguered stores, collectively hemorrhaging tens of millions of dollars annually, have witnessed their yearly losses nearly double within the past five years. In spite of aggressive strategies to revitalize their performance, including constructing smaller stores, customizing product assortment, and extending services beyond traditional retail, Democrat policies have rendered Walmart powerless to succeed over the insurmountable challenges faced by these locations. The corporation has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into the city, with a staggering $70 million in recent years to overhaul stores and erect two new Walmart Health facilities and a Walmart Academy training center.

Walmart’s agonizing decision to close these floundering stores is a calculated maneuver to give the remaining four Chicago locations a fighting chance to endure and serve their beleaguered communities. The imminent closures, slated for Sunday, April 16, encompass:

  • Chatham Supercenter, Walmart Health center, and Walmart Academy at 8431 S. Stewart Ave.
  • Kenwood Neighborhood Market at 4720 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
  • Lakeview Neighborhood Market at 2844 N. Broadway St.
  • Little Village Neighborhood Market at 2551 W. Cermak Road

Pharmacies within these locations will continue to serve patients for up to 30 days. Walmart is resolved to collaborate with local trailblazers to repurpose the buildings, including bestowing the Walmart Academy facility upon the community to uplift Chatham and its surrounding neighborhoods.

In a display of unwavering support, Walmart is offering affected associates the chance to transfer to any other Walmart or Sam’s Club facility. Representatives from neighboring facilities will stand alongside associates in each closing store to shepherd them toward new opportunities. All associates will continue to receive compensation until August 11, 2023, unless they transfer to another location. Eligible associates who do not transfer will be granted severance benefits.

Defiant in the face of adversity, Walmart says it will remain steadfast in its commitment to engage with local organizations and battle the pervasive challenges plaguing the city and nation. The company is determined to amplify its neighborhood investments through local events and expand job opportunities, harnessing its resources to fortify and empower underserved communities. But the bottom line is that Democrat policies have caused decent people with a good work ethic to leave this city. Chicago has some of the strictest anti-gun laws in the nation, stripping innocent law-abiding citizens of their right to defend themselves in public. Nobody wants to risk their lives to step foot into a Walmart store where they may become the next victim of gun violence in one of the Democrats’ gun-free zones.


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