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Russell Moore Claimed “Jesus Has AIDS” in Article at The Gospel Coalition

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Before his departure, Russell Moore was arguably the most polarizing figure in the Southern Baptist Convention, notorious for his extreme leftist activism and controversial stances on numerous issues. From his soft support of homosexuality to his advocacy for open borders and animal rights, Moore has certainly pushed the most radical leftist agenda the denomination has ever seen.

His promotion of critical race theory, acceptance of leftist donations from figures such as George Soros, and defense of the transgender community have only fueled the fire. Moore’s championing of the Evangelical feminist movement, lobbying for more refugees during the COVID-19 pandemic, and claim that the Bible affirms gender fluidity have also drawn sharp criticism. With his divisive views and actions, Moore has become one of the most contentious figures in mainstream Evangelicalism.

But it seems like we’ve missed something, and thank you to Evangelical Dark Web for digging this up and exposing it. This is a rather old article, but back in 2009, Russell Moore published an article in the Gospel Coalition stating that “Jesus has AIDS.”

In the article, Moore claims that Jesus identifies with the suffering of the world, including those suffering from AIDS, and therefore the church should care for them. Acknowledging that some readers may be skeptical or angry about the idea of Jesus having AIDS, Moore argued that it helps Christians understand the need to care for the marginalized and proclaim the gospel to them.

“Jesus loves the world, and the world has AIDS,” Moore wrote. “Jesus identifies himself with the least of these, and many of them have AIDS. Jesus calls us to recognize him in the depths of suffering, and there’s AIDS there too.”

“Jesus has AIDS,” Moore concluded.

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Of course, this is wrong on so many levels. Not only does Jesus NOT have AIDS, but the fact that he became man and bore the guilt of sin and the wrath of God does not, in any way, mean that Jesus had AIDS. Similar to this notion that Jesus somehow ontologically took on the sin of man, false teacher Todd White preached during a sermon that 2 Corinthians 5:21 taught that Jesus became the literal embodiment of our sin, rather than the guilt of the sin being imputed to Him. This is the same thing Russell Moore is doing, falsely teaching that Jesus isn’t just bearing the guilt of our sin, but somehow takes on a nature that caused Him to be a sinner.

This not only demonstrates that Russell Moore is theologically inept, but that his obsession with social justice has actually blinded him to the truth of the gospel and is causing him to reject the true, biblical Jesus Christ who has the power to save sinners from their sin.

Here is Evangelical Dark Web’s coverage and commentary:


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