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The Sex Cult of Dionysus Is Taking Over the Nation, and Most of the Church is Silent

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The cult of Dionysus was a Greek mystery religion centered around the worship of the god of wine, fertility, and ecstasy. This cult involved frenzied dancing, music, and sexual rituals, particularly including homosexual practices among male worshippers. Same-sex relationships and acts were considered a natural part of the cult’s worship, and it was believed that they helped to bring the worshippers closer to their god.

Male followers of the cult were known as “maenads” and “satyrs” and would often dress in women’s clothing, wear makeup, and engage in effeminate behavior as a part of their worship. These practices were seen as a way to transcend traditional gender roles and to connect with the divine in a more profound way. The cult of Dionysus was often viewed as subversive and dangerous by the mainstream culture of ancient Greece, but it remained popular throughout the Hellenistic period and beyond.

That’s the best description I can give for the drag queen cult that is taking over our nation as we speak and sadly, governments, schools, and even places that call themselves “churches” have been given over completely to the ideology of this cult.

Cult of Dionysus

The recent event at the Minnesota State Capitol building, where a drag show was held for Transgender Day of Visibility, has caused outrage and controversy. The performance by a drag queen who goes by the name Tomi Saint James, known for posting nude photos online, was explicit and involved dancing on the North Star symbol in the middle of the rotunda. The event was hosted by OutFront Minnesota, an LGBTQ civil rights group, and live-streamed by Minnesota Democrats, with even small children and babies in attendance.

The Democratic speakers, including Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan and two representatives, were overshadowed by James and the controversy he stirred. This event is not an isolated case, as another Democratic representative recently took her child to a drag brunch hosted by Lady Martina, who has been criticized for performing at a taxpayer-funded “family-friendly” drag event and for involvement in incest-themed pornography and self-proclaimed satanism.

The backlash to these events has resulted in a bill in the Minnesota Senate seeking to classify drag performances as adult entertainment to prevent them from taking place on public property. The bill’s author, Sen. Eric Lucero, R-St. Michael, argues that drag performances are physically unsafe for children and have a negative impact on their minds by desensitizing them to unhealthy sexual behavior.

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The ongoing debate over the sexualization of drag performances is sure to continue, fueled by these recent events and the potential dangers they pose to the nation’s youth.


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