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Andy Stanley’s False Gospel: I’m a Christian Because it Made My Life Better

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If you need more proof that Andy Stanley is a false convert leading people to Hell, look no further than his most recent sermon.

Andy Stanley has been in our headlines quite a bit in recent weeks as we have exposed on a massive scale the pro-homosexual sentiment with his network of churches. Stanley, the pastor of North Point Ministries, preached a sermon a while back explaining how homosexuals have more faith than most Christians because, according to him, they love Jesus more than we do because they worship him despite all the “rejection” they get from Christians.

Stanley has always been a false teacher, but in recent years, he has become essentially a full-time mouthpiece making apologies for the Church speaking the truth to Pagans who were so offended by it that they left the Church.

In his most recent sermon, he explains that the reason he became a Christian isn’t because he heard the gospel, realized he sinned against his creator, and turned to the savior Jesus Christ in repentance and faith. Nope, it had nothing to do with that. The reason He became a “Christian” is because it made his life better.

The bottom line is simply this my little, you know, jog through my church past. There’s so many more stories. It’s really this. And I didn’t have this language back then. I don’t want to pretend, but the church made me a better person. 

Following Jesus, as I say, you know, it made me better at made me better, and it made me better at life. It made me a better person. So about five years ago, we were doing some words smithing of some things around here, and it just dawned on me I should have, like, an elevator pitch for my faith. 

I mean, nobody walks up to me and says, andy, why are you a Christian? I mean, I wish they would, because, man, I can razzle dazzle you with stuff about the resurrection all day long until you either just give up and become a Christian or walk off. 

Okay, but I needed, like, the elevator pitch. Like, what’s the short message? Why am I a Jesus follower? And that’s when I came up with this language. Because, honestly, it’s not because of some theological insight. 

It’s not because one day I’m reading through the whole Bible and boom. The reason I’m a Jesus follower is, honestly, because following Jesus has made my life better, and it’s made me better at life. So of course I love the church. 

Folks, this is a patently false gospel, it is nothing more than the prosperity gospel with Andy Stanley’s spin on it. The notion that one becomes a Christian simply because it makes their life better is akin to Joel Osteen’s “Your Best Life Now” garbage. Yet, Andy Stanley is still highly influential in Evangelical circles. It is our goal to change that and to expose just how horrible his theology is, making him the fringe of the professing Church and making it blatantly obvious to all true believers that He is not a Christian, should not be dealt with charitably, and should be purged from the ranks of the true body of Christ, lest we be partakers in his lies.


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