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Jeff Durbin Confronts “Gay Pastor” Brandan Robertson to His Face: “You Are an Apostate”

by | Mar 9, 2023

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Brandan Robertson has been in the headlines quite a bit in the last year or so as he is an openly gay, self-described “pastor” who opposed traditional, biblical theology while installing himself as a biblical scholar and theologian. Robertson is an advocate for sexual immorality and teaches that premarital sex is “good” and “healthy.” Of course, conservative Bible-believing Christians would never consider Robertson’s claims to Christianity valid, but the world sees things like this and brings reproach upon Christ.

After the recent dust-up with Andy Stanley coming out and telling his congregation that queers who “love Jesus” have more faith than Christians do, crazies have been coming out of the woodwork to defend him. One of those crazies is Robertson where he praised Stanley for becoming more affirming of homosexuality.

Robertson has been known to speak and debate with others who hold an orthodox position on sexuality—he did this last year with Sean McDowell who hosted him on his show and allowed him to blaspheme God saying that God made mistakes. But recently, he went on Apologia’s show with Jeff Durbin and James White. And it was here where he says he regrets it.

“I rarely regret conversing with those of different beliefs,” Robertson writes on his Tik Tok page, “but when it devolves to ad hominems and slander, like it did with Jeff and James, its hard to believe this was productive at all. Arrogance is not a fruit of the Spirit, friends.”

You see, people like Robertson don’t regret facing people who aren’t going to hold them accountable for their sin. People like Robertson flee from accountability and the real reason he regrets going on this show is that Jeff and James exposed his sin to the light of the gospel—the gospel that Robertson hates.

“For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.” —John 3:20

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