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Dude Who Plays “Jesus” in The Chosen Explains How He Prayed With Dead Gay Man

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There’s a show called “The Chosen” that’s gaining popularity among Evangelicals, but it’s actually spreading some serious heresy. The show is produced by the Latter Day Saints, also known as the Mormon cult. Despite this fact, many Evangelicals seem to love it without realizing the theological problems it presents.

In the trailer for Season 3, the actor playing Jesus quotes from the Book of Mormon in response to the Pharisees. He says, “I am the law of Moses,” which contradicts what Jesus actually said in Scripture. While Jesus fulfilled the law of Moses, he never claimed to be the law of Moses himself. The quote is from Nephi 15:9, which states, “I am the law, and the light. Look unto me, and endure to the end, and ye shall live.” You can hear this quote at around the 1:28 mark.

Well, now this dude that plays “Jesus,” Jonathan Roumie, explains how in real life he prayed with a dead homosexual. In New Apostolic Reformation circles, hyper-charismatics will sometimes practice a dangerous practice called “grave soaking” or “grave sucking.” Essentially, they believe that they can lie on the graves of dead people who they believe are “anointed” and “suck” or “soak” the anointing out of them. It’s really strange, and it’s become a staple of Bethel Church who has published images and videos of them doing this on multiple occasions.

But Roumie takes it a step further and talks about how he also prayed with a dead manβ€”a dead, homosexual, named Lonnie Frisbee, who Roumie is also playing in Greg Laurie’s movie, Jesus Revolution. Lonnie Frisbee was known as the “Christian Hippie” who is credited with starting the Jesus Movement, yet, he was a practicing homosexual who eventually died of AIDS after his lifestyle caught up with him. Yet, Smith, in real life, preached to him right into Heaven at his funeral.

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Many have argued that Frisbee repented of his homosexuality before he died, but even if this were true, which there is little evidence to suggest that it is, it doesn’t change the fact that during most of his public ministry, he was living a double life and sleeping around with other men.

Nonetheless, this is who Jonathan Roumie says he is praying with in a weird interview where he talks about visiting Frisbee’s grave.

In fact, I sat down and I prayed with him. The space just to his right is empty, so I got to sit down or lie. At one point, I even lied down because I just thought it would be kind of interesting to try to connect in some way that’s probably more information than you need or maybe want to publish.Β 

But that said, it’s the truth. And so I finished praying with him, and I said, Lonnie, I want to honor you with this film, and I really want to bring justice and the testament to the gifts of God’s grace and and powers that you displayed while you were on this earth.Β 

And so if this is a good idea that I do this film, have somebody give me a sign. Give me a sign. Have God give me a sign. And the minute the words left my mouth behind me, there was a door open to the cathedral, and this giant cord rang out for about 5 seconds.Β 


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