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TGC Contributor Defends Library for Throwing Out a Pastor Who Opposed Drag Queen Story Hour

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Apostasy, LGBTQ Issues, News, Politics, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church, World | 0 comments

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Earlier today, we reported that Fox News anchor, Tucker Carlson called out several Evangelical leaders by name, including Beth Moore, Tim Keller, and David French, after a pastor was violently thrown out of a public library for opposing a drag queen event that involves the sexualization of little children by men who dress like women. You can read about that and watch the clip at this link.

There is a growing trend among Evangelical leftists to silence the gospel and the speaking of truth and embrace persecution as though it is something that should be cherished. To them, Christians should be completely and totally subservient to the Pagan culture, submissive to all opposition to us, and for the sake of peace and comfort, keep your lampstand under a bed. One of those men, apparently, is TGC contributor, Mike Cosper.

You may also be familiar with Cosper as the voice behind the popular podcast series, The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, which was published in Russell Moore’s Christianity Today. But Cosper’s damage to the Evangelical Church is much deeper, and much older, than his podcast lambasting Mark Driscoll. Cosper, a former “music pastor” at a Louisville, KY church who is now the “director of podcasting” a Christianity Today is a functional Democrat (I don’t know what he’s registered as) and has been an avid promoter of leftist causes.

Here, Cosper attempts to defend this public library that threw out this pastor by arguing that this pastor was “disrupting” and event and was obligated to leave, to which he refused to do.

Of course, the pastor who entered that library to oppose the event pays taxes just like everyone else, so why should he have to leave? Does Cosper believe that disrupting a child-grooming event is a bad thing? Does he believe that this pastor’s message, or the gospel itself, should submit to the Pagans sexually abusing children?

Apparently so. “Moreover,” Cosper continues, “calling out Keller et al for failing to “defend the faith” by not speaking up in defense of the guy creating a physical disturbance is just plain stupid, and made more so by Wolfe’s claim that this is the most pressing issue of our day.”

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“Derek Reimer (the pastor) disrupted a public event and refused to leave. He now faces legal consequences.” And, apparently, Mike Cosper is cool with that.

The argument he then makes in defense of child grooming is absolutely mind-numbingly stupid. He says, “If I went into McDonalds sans shirt and shoes, demanding big macs and playing bag pipes, their refusal to serve me couldn’t be chalked up to Bagpiper Persecution.” I don’t even know where to begin with shallow fatuousness. Two things: McDonald’s is a private company, a public library is taxpayer-funded. But even that shouldn’t matter. More importantly, comparing protecting innocent children from sex abuse to stealing food from a private company is more than intellectually dishonest, it’s mental derangement.

I guarantee you that if this were a leftist pastor going into a library to preach against “white supremacy,” his tune would change and his sentiments would be the exact opposite.

Yet, these are the people that are being platformed by those Evangelical leaders like Tim Keller, Beth Moore, and David French, at the same publications that describe Jesus as ejaculating into His bride, the Church. And this is the trash they’re pushing to try to neuter the gospel, because they hate the gospel and they hate the Church.

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