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Beth Moore Goes on “Gay Christian” Podcast to Rant Over Women Not Being Able to Preach in the SBC

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Apostasy, Feminism, News, Opinion, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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Preston Sprinkle is the founder of the Center for Faith, Sexuality, & Gender, a ministry dedicated to advocating and promoting “Side B” “gay Christianity.” Similar to Revoice, of which he is also an original advisory board member, Sprinkles’ ministry promotes the aberrant belief that one can continue living as an open homosexual so long as they don’t engage in homosexual sex.

And it was to Preston Sprinkles’ podcast that Beth Moore turned to complain about the Southern Baptist Convention’s decision to take a harder stance against women preaching. In 2019, Beth Moore posted what appeared to be a subtle questioning of Paul’s apostolic authority. It began with a tweet saying she would choose Jesus’ words over the words of other people.

She then followed it up with another:

Pitting the Apostle Paul against Jesus is what liberals, feminists, and God-haters do—they try to draw a distinction between the red-letter words of Jesus and the words of the Apostle Paul in an attempt to muddy the waters. In other words, Beth Moore wants to interpret everything the Apostle Paul writes through the red-letter words of Jesus, regardless of the context and authorial intent. This way, she can try to justify herself as a preacher in the Church despite what the authoritative words of God written by the Apostle Paul say in contradiction to it.

Well, she has now doubled down on this in her recent podcast with Sprinkle. In the podcast, she rants:

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“I’ve continued to pound on the matter of women in their gifting and the New Testament being looked at as a whole and grappled with as a whole,” she says, with no explanation of the context of what the Scriptures she quotes are speaking of. “Trying to figure out what Paul did mean. Since we also see in Philippians that he talks about the women who contended for the gospel at his side that’s let alone the last chapter of Romans. “

“I’m not even getting into that. So we know know he couldn’t have meant that he didn’t serve with women in the gospel,” she continues. “We know he did. He’s blatant about it. So figuring out what does he mean? But what I was seeing at the same time, Preston, and I don’t know how it looked from your point of view. “

Clearly, the Scriptures, nor any conservative church or denomination, is against women serving in the Church, nor are we against women evangelizing the lost. But the Bible is clear about the role and function of elders and pastors in the church, and those roles, including teaching and preaching within the church, are limited to men.

But then she moves into a blatant lie, stating that what she was starting to see in conservative churches was women not even being able to hold bible studies with other women. There is literally no conservative leader in the Southern Baptist Convention who has held that position. This is Beth Moore trying to poison the well and make it look like conservative, Bible-believing Christians are some kind of right-wing extremists that should be rejected. And it shouldn’t be surprising that she has to seek out leftist promoters of homosexual “Christianity” to blab her unbiblical rhetoric.

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