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SBC Executive Committee Liquidates Millions in Assets to Pay Off Left-Wing LGBTQ Activists

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The investigation conducted by the progressive wing of the Southern Baptist Convention into allegations of sexual abuse has proven to be ineffective and costly. Many of the accusations made against pastors and church leaders were either unproven or false, and the investigation was motivated by a movement that seeks to undermine the biblical doctrine of male headship in the Church and promote a more egalitarian approach to Christianity, which some view as unbiblical and ungodly.

And while some of the accusations of sexual abuse certainly are credible and should be dealt with by those involved, the entire investigation was launched by progressives as a method to undermine the Southern Baptist Convention’s historic position on male headship in the Church and to punish the denomination financially for holding a traditional, biblical position as a huge portion of the accusations boiled down to churches refusing to allow women to preach or hold biblically unauthorized leadership positions within the church.

Yet, for those few cases that are credible, they’re being exploited to take down the Southern Baptist Convention. To address issues such as sexual harassment and abuse, the Southern Baptist Convention has contracted with Guidepost Solutions, a third-party firm that specializes in assessing cultural and organizational risks and providing actionable steps for faith-based organizations. According to their website, Guidepost Solutions understands the unique challenges that these organizations face in preventing such issues and is committed to facilitating change.

However, some have raised concerns about the firm’s true motives, as they appear to support the LGBTQ+ community and advocate for sodomy. A recent social media post revealed that Guidepost Solutions is proud to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and is dedicated to advancing the most egregious form of sexual abuse. Despite these concerns, the Southern Baptist Convention continues to work with Guidepost Solutions to create a database of individuals who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse.

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In order to continue funding Guidepost, the pro-LGBTQ organization that will wield its power and authority over Southern Baptist churches, funds will need to be diverted away from other ministry areas, including missions and education, in order to pay off people who hate Christians.

According to Rod Martin, a former Executive Committee leader who resigned because of the direction the SBC was moving in setting the denomination up for a serious financial downfall and legal responsibilities, notes that Guidepost will be indemnified in a series of upcoming lawsuits by alleged sex abuse survivors.

And again, it won’t be the individuals or even the churches that were involved in these allegations that are on the hook, it will be the entire denomination as the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee has decided to proceed this way.

During an executive committee hearing, a member expressed concern about the organization’s financial sustainability, referencing an audit report that recommended liquidating assets and asking for more money from the convention. The committee acknowledged that the organization lost or used six million dollars of liquidity this year, and that it was not sustainable.

Management responded that they would look at various options for changing the trajectory, including liquidating assets, changing financial arrangements, obtaining other financing, and looking to the Convention for support.

Another member asked for better information on the organization’s financial situation. The committee acknowledged that difficult decisions would have to be made to avoid an unsustainable direction, but that they did not have specific numbers yet. They also stated that everything is on the table in terms of maintaining and moving the organization forward, and that they are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and working diligently to implement potential plans.

Here’s the exchange from the meeting:

The executive committee noted that it has already liquidated approximately half of its assets, around six million dollars, for this sex abuse scandal thus far and will continue to do so. If you’re tithing or giving money to a Southern Baptist church, note that your tithe dollars will be spent to pay off people who hate you for being a bible-believing Christian.


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