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Francis Chan to Host Ecumenical “Collegiate Day of Prayer” at Asbury University Tonight

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Cult, News, Religion, The Church | 0 comments

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*Update* – Despite The Collegiate Day of Prayer’s official YouTube channel and promo video stating the opposite, Francis Chan and Rick Warren did not make an appearance during the Asbury prayer event. Below is a screenshot directly from their YouTube Channel stating that the event would host special guests Francis Chan, Rick Warren, and Mike Bickle. For whatever reason, by the grace of God, none of these false teachers appeared, nor did any of these music groups listed show up.

As we reported last week, the so-called “spontaneous revival” at Asbury University that has been going on since February 8 may not have been quite so spontaneous after all. In fact, As far back as last November, Francis Chan announced he would be hosting a “revival” meeting at Asbury University in February—and, today is that day.

Today is the Collegiate Day of Prayer and Francis Chan is hosting a nationwide simulcast live from Asbury University at 8 pm EST tonight.

So what is the Collegiate Day of Prayer? According to its website, it is to promote “united prayer” for college students around the nation. “According to Matthew 18:18-20,” the website reads, “the greater the number united in faith and prayer, the easier the battle for this generation can be won. Just as a team of horses can move a heavy load faster and easier together, so our greatest barriers can be better overcome through united prayer.”

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Okay, all that sounds good on the surface, but what’s all this stuff about united prayer, and what exactly are they praying for? The Collegiate Day of Prayer is made up of leaders from several nefarious and unbiblical organizations, including the Luke18 Project, International House of Prayer, Love United, Awake and Go, Awaken the Dawn, Passion Conferences, Carolina Ignite Movement, Campus Renewal Ministries, Contend Global, OneCry, CRU, Intervarsity, America Prays, and International Prayer Council.

For example, the Luke 18 Project is an aberrant movement that is aligned with Mike Bickle’s International House of Prayer in Kansas City and it affirms the Lausanne Covenant, part of the Lausanne Movement, an ecumenical movement adopted by social justice-minded Evangelicals that promotes a diversity of theological views and diminishes the gospel and the exclusivity of Christ in favor of unity around social issues.

The Collegiate Day of Prayer is also associated with the aberrant Passion Conferences that promotes women in the pulpit, a diminished gospel, and an emphasis on, again, social justice. We’ve also written a lot about the organization CRU which is heavily involved in this Collegiate Day of Prayer.

Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, is a worldwide mission organization with a focus on students. The organization has branches around the world and on many high school and college campuses but also holds conferences that advance the objective of the organization.

Within Cru, there are at least two well-known popular speakers and authors who inform and train other Cru leaders as well as speak regularly at events and conferences. The first one, Matt Mikalatos, is a Cru leader out of Portland Oregon who refers to himself as a “male feminist,” and teaches that homosexuals don’t need to repent of homosexuality when they come to Christ.

The other is Rachel Gilson. Gilson is not only a highly sought-after Cru speaker and leader, but she is also a contributor for The Gospel Coalition. Gilson teaches that homosexuals who are married — and come to Christ after they are married — can stay married because “God hates divorce.”

But Cru isn’t just pushing homosexuality, they’re also pushing social justice — of the most progressive kind. A while back, Cru invited a social justice speaker, Latasha Morrison, to a Cru conference. Morrison preached an entire sermon that indicts an entire ethnic group — white people — of racial sin based solely on the virtue of their skin color. She then, at the end of her sermon, has the entire audience, which is predominantly white, stand up and repeat a lamentation of guilt. She asks them to acknowledge their sin of “complicity” in systemic racism and their lack of “doing justice.”

This is exactly the kind of progressivism that billionaire elitists like to fund. So I thought, is George Soros funding Cru? Well, it turned out that he is.

And it turns out that Francis Chan has turned a blind eye to the seriousness of homosexuality, too.

On January 14, the Collegiate Day of Prayer hosted a corporate fast for all college students that ends today, February 23, according to the website:

“Starting on January 14th until the Collegiate Day of Prayer on February 23th, we are calling students from all across the nation to consecrate a 40-day season of fasting and prayer for awakening on our college campuses, in our nation, and in our generation. Let us believe that in the darkest hour of American history, Jesus will demonstrate His glory!”

With the aberrant movements and leadership involved in this movement, is it any wonder why conservative Christians are so skeptical of this movement? Why should we believe that true revival is happening within a movement that has exchanged the gospel for social justice and promotes homosexuality? What you see here is exactly what you’re going to see in the Collegiate Day of Prayer movement. They aren’t praying for a revival of the true gospel and worship of the true God of Scripture, they are praying for woke stuff and praying that the world, the church, and students become more woke.

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