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Kenneth Copeland Prophesies, Says God is Giving Heidi Baker the United States

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During a recent “prophetic” session at his church, false teacher, false prophet, charlatan, and arch-heretic Kenneth Copeland who is best known for his incessant blasphemies against God “prophesied over false prophet, Heidi Baker, telling her that God was giving her the United States.

Let’s be clear: Heidi Baker is not a Christian. She is a demonic spirit-filled false prophet who is intent on deceiving people. Any biblically-minded Christian with a modicum of discernment can see this plainly.

There are many several reasons why Heidi Baker should never be propped up as an example of the gospel. First and foremost, her demonic impartations at Bethel Church should be enough to make any Christian with discernment run in the opposite direction. The fact that she believes that she can impart demonic spirits onto people is a clear sign that she is not operating in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, Heidi Baker’s involvement in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) witchcraft should be a red flag to any Christian who takes the Bible seriously. The NAR is a movement that promotes a false gospel and seeks to build a global network of apostles and prophets who claim to have the same authority as the apostles and prophets of the New Testament. This is a blatant distortion of the biblical teaching on the role of apostles and prophets in the church.

In addition to her involvement in the NAR, Heidi Baker has also made a number of false “prophetic words” from God, including her ridiculous claim about headless chickens. These kinds of false prophecies are a clear sign that she is not operating in the power of the Holy Spirit, but rather in the power and influence of demons.

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Finally, there are countless other unbiblical claims and practices that Heidi Baker has promoted over the years. From her emphasis on signs and wonders to her belief in the “Toronto Blessing,” there is ample evidence to suggest that she is not operating in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Her claim to Apostolic authority is deeply troubling. The Bible clearly teaches that the office of Apostle was reserved for the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus, and that no one can claim to be an apostle today. Heidi Baker’s claim to Apostolic authority is a clear sign that she is operating outside of the biblical parameters for church leadership. But that didn’t stop Copeland from telling her that God is giving her the United States.

He states with his hands wrapped around her head while she is in ridiculous tears:

I have given you and Roland favor in places where people hated you, and wanted to kill you, and I’m changing their minds and changing their hearts. My goodness is falling in the hearts of men and women in this country, in the United States, where so few know of you and Roland.

I am giving you the United States. I am giving you this place and opening it up to you. And you’ll go back and forth, back and forth, then will come Canada. You will go to the far North, you’ll go to the Inuits…

Of course, there is always chief apologist for the modern-day version of the old Montanist heresy, Michael Brown who will run cover for these people.

The canon of Scripture is closed and the apostolic sign gifts have ceased. This is an irrefutable biblical fact. Yet, modern-day Montanists continue to perpetuate this heresy and the movement that claims that these gifts — such as prophesy, speaking in tongues, and the gift of healing — are still present today continues to grow.

Michael Brown is the chief apologist for charismatic continuationism and acts as a bridge-builder between Christianity and charismaticism. (Just to lay this out on the table, charismaticism is in no way Christian — it is actually in many ways opposed to Christianity.) During a recent airing of Ask Dr. Brown, Brown was asked to rebut cessationism — the biblical doctrine of the cessation of the apostolic sign gifts — and to cite examples of any of these gifts today.

One question that was asked is:

People who have implicitly concluded after reading the Bible that the spiritual gifts have ceased sometimes reinforce their biblical view by asking “if the spiritual gifts are spread out among the body, then not everybody receives the same gifts necessarily, why is it that almost everyone seems to have the gifts that are the most easily faked while no one is walking around healing the blind and raising the dead?”

Michael Brown goes on to defend continuationism by claiming that this question is a false premise — that these things aren’t really faked — and cites well-known false prophet, Heidi Baker, as proof:

Is he going to defend this too? Does he believe that God is giving Heidi Baker the United States?


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