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Rick Warren, Francis Chan, and the Kansas City False Prophets to Join Asbury “Revival”

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If the Asbury revival we’ve been covering wasn’t a false movement before, there is no doubt that it’s fixing to be as several notable false teachers are planning to go to the campus next week to ramp things up. According to Francis Chan, he’ll be joined by other false teachers including Rick Warren and Mike Bickle on February 23 to try to spread “revival” around college campuses all over the country.

False teacher Rick Warren is one of the most well-known and controversial pastors in America. Warren’s Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA, which ranks as the second-largest Southern Baptist church in the nation, has been at the forefront of controversy over the years. His enormous influence within Evangelicalism has set Southern Baptists and Evangelicals on an Emergent “church growth” trajectory that would infect churches across the theological spectrum.

Warren’s “Purpose Driven” theology is built upon a false gospel. In his book, The Purpose Driven Life, Warren teaches that salvation comes through repeating prayers. His gospel is devoid of any biblical substance, and it involves no repentance and actual saving faith. Warren’s gospel teaches that salvation is the result of performing a ritualistic act. This false gospel set the stage for the next two decades of heretical movements that came out of Rick Warren’s church.

In addition, Warren openly rejects good theology, separates it from ministry, and confirms that he believes it to be a stumbling block. He affirms the pope and even refers to him as “Holy Father.” Warren also recently ordained three women to the pastorate at Saddleback Church, which violates the Biblical command for men to lead the Church and flies in the face of the Southern Baptist Convention’s official statement of faith.

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Pastor Rick Warren meets with Pope Francis

Warren, who recently announced his retirement and named Andy Wood as his successor, continues to promote heresies, a watered-down gospel, and ecumenical alliances that bring destruction upon those who engage in them. Andy Wood, like former SBC president, JD Greear and his successor, Ed Litton, believes that the Scriptures whisper about homosexuality. Not only is Wood a soft-on-sin watered-down gospel seeker-sensitive Evangelical preacher, but he also made headlines recently for his interview with befallen and disqualified pastor, Mark Driscoll.

But Warren isn’t alone. Francis Chan, a graduate of John MacArthur’s Master’s University and Seminary who later abandoned sound doctrine in favor of all kinds of false teachings and charismatic hooplah, has been on a downward theological trajectory for several years. While he once held to the doctrines of grace, he has since embraced heresies and compromised his beliefs.

His departure from his church to begin a charismatic crusade was marked by insulting his former congregation. He has aligned himself with heretical movements such as the New Apostolic Reformation and spoken at conferences featuring heretics like Todd White and Joyce Meyer. Chan has also embraced Roman Catholic heresies like transubstantiation and refused to share the gospel with a Catholic at an ecumenical gathering.

His doctrine on morality is also flawed, claiming that homosexuality is not worse than divorce. Scripture warns us to mark and avoid false teachers, and Francis Chan is a prime example of why we should heed this warning.

Mike Bickle, the founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, is a false prophet who is aligned with the Kansas City Prophets, better known as the Kansas City False Prophets. He is a highly popular figure in the charismatic movement and hosted several conferences with former Southern Baptist Convention president, Ronnie Floyd—yet he is associated with several aberrant movements, including the New Apostolic Reformation and the Latter Rain movement.

Bickle allowed a random man who called himself Augustine to prophesy in his church, which he claims led to him hearing God speak to him audibly. Bickle and his followers are known for their problematic prophetic readings, which are often vague, ambiguous, and inaccurate. They are also associated with the Latter Rain movement, which includes false teachings about the roles of apostleship and prophets in the church, Christian ecumenism, and Dominion Theology.

Bickle also makes the heretical claim that the church causes the Great Tribulation and that Jesus will not return until the Church starts “globally crying out” for him to return. These claims are incompatible with the Christian faith as the Scriptures do not teach them. Bickle’s teachings are blasphemous and dangerous and should be avoided.

And these are all the people who are headed to Asbury University next week to conduct a huge false prophet festival. According to Collegiate Day of Prayer, “Let’s ADOPT and saturate EVERY CAMPUS in America in prayer … and join us LIVE from Asbury University on Feb 23rd at 8-10pm ET with special guests Rick Warren, Francis Chan, Allen Hood and worship leaders from International House of Prayer, Circuit Riders + Black Voices Movement, and Met By Love Worship. Let’s believe God for REVIVAL amongst believers on college campuses and SPIRITUAL AWAKENING amongst the lost. Father, revive the saved and save the lost!!”


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