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Northpoint “Pastor” Says Andy Stanley Told Her It Isn’t Un-natural or Sin to Act on Homosexual Desires

by | Feb 10, 2023 | Apostasy, LGBTQ Issues, News, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church | 0 comments

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We’ve been covering the saga at Andy Stanley’s Northpoint Ministries where it has come to light that Stanley is far more affirming of homosexuality than most people realized. Over the last few weeks, Stanley has been in the headlines over comments he made during a sermon that recently surfaced. In that sermon, he argued that homosexuals that “love Jesus” have more faith than most Christians.

If that sounds absurd, it’s because it is. But since then, more has surfaced and more has been brought to light. The following clip that I posted on Twitter is actually from a few years ago. It is of a flaming homosexual who is bragging of being baptized at one of Andy Stanley’s Northpoint Church campuses, Buckhead Church. In the clip, he speaks of how the church was very open and accepting of his lifestyle.

Worse, we’ve discovered that some Southern Baptist pastors are heavily involved in Stanley’s pro-homosexual ministry. But Stanley’s pro-homosexual ministry isn’t just a seemingly-nefarious soft-peddling and downplaying of this sin, it is an outright affirmation of not just the state of being homosexual, but fully engaging in homosexual acts and behaviors.

Stanley’s pro-homosexual ministry is guided and informed by several groups, one in particularly that is closely associated with Northpoint called Embracing the Journey. Embracing the Journey is founded and led by a licensed counselor at Northpoint named Debbie Causey and she says in a podcast that she is also an ordained pastor at her church. Causey and her counseling ministry, Parent Connect—which is designed to train parents how to become affirming of their kids when they come out—are also closely linked with Matthew Vines’ Reformation Project, a fully affirming “gay Christianity” organization that exists for the sole purpose of furthering the cause of homosexuality in churches.

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Debbie Causey’s Embracing the Journey pro-gay ministry is holding a conference at Northpoint later this year to advance this pro-homosexual ideology.

Debbie Causey has a backstory of her now-adult son coming out as a homosexual while she was at Northpoint and she recalls her son coming out as a homosexual in 2014. Causey recalls in a book she wrote called The Big Reveal: Loving Your Lgbtq+ Child While Strengthening Your Faith how she went to Stanley after her son came out for guidance. Here is some of what she wrote in that book:

The next step in our journey was to talk with a pastor. Even though we attend and I work for an enormous church, I had the kind of relationship with my pastor that enabled me to call on him for some words of advice after this life-altering personal event.

We scheduled a phone call, and for the next 30 minutes my mind raced as I thought about what I would ask and what I would say. I wonderd, Was it a sin for Noah to like this other guy? Is a monogamous, same-sex, long-term relationship a sin?
When I heard his voice, tears overwhelmed my wors. I was able to compose myself enough to be able to ask the question that had been haunting my mind for two weeks: “Is it a sin to be gay?”

He was quick to ask me what I meant by my question, and I am so glad he did. He asked, “Do you mean is it a sin to be gay, or is it a sin to act on it?”

He said, “Well I know for sure that it is not a sin to be gay, becuase that is just an is. He can’t help that he is gay, and I don’t think he chose it.

I continued, “But is it a sin to act on it?”

He paused for a minute and softly said words that brought me immense relief. “I don’t know. For years I thought I knew the answer to to that question. But my relationships and conversations with gay men and women have softened my certainty.”

Notice that Stanley’s theological change on the issue of homosexuality didn’t come from studying the Scripture, but rather from “relationships” and “conversations” with homosexuals. His doctrine shifted because of an emotional connection he had with people rather than the pure and unadulterated Word of God. This alone demonstrates that Stanley doesn’t love God, rather he hates God and is unconcerned with what God’s infallible Word has to say about it.

Debbie Causey continues in her book, later stating that Stanley told her that homosexual relationships are natural for her son and not to tell him otherwise:

I remember a few other things he said vividly:
“It is not natural to you to be in a same-sex relationship, but it is natural for Noah. Don’t tell him it’s unnatural; that is not helpful but rather hurtful and further separating, because he already does not feel normal and thinks he is disgusting to them.”

Below is the book from Google Books.

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