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Alaska Woman Taken by Troopers on Fake Warrant, Forcibly Drugged for Speaking in Tongues

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Cult, Law Enforcement, News, Politics, Religion | 0 comments

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In recent years, there have been growing concerns about the trend toward a police state in America, where basic human rights and freedoms are being increasingly violated by those in positions of authority. As more and more people are targeted for their beliefs and opinions and it is becoming increasingly clear that the ideal of a free and democratic society is being threatened. With the rise of a new era of authoritarianism, it is becoming increasingly important for us to speak out against these injustices and insist that our rights and freedoms be protected.

To be clear, I do not endorse the practice of speaking in “tongues” of the charismatic movement and I believe it’s weird and unbiblical. The modern charismatic practice of tongue-speaking, or glossolalia, is based on a misunderstanding of the biblical gift of speaking in tongues that the Holy Spirit gave to the early church. That being said, what you are about to read is, according to one activist commentator on Twitter, a real event that took place that should send chills down all of our backs. If this can happen to this woman, what’s to stop it from happening to us? After all, to the secular world, nothing is crazier than believing that God came to earth in human form, was born of a virgin, died, was buried, and then rose from the dead on the third day, then ascended into Heaven.

Mary Fulp, a school principal with over 15 years of experience, “had earned widespread respect in Alaska’s educational community,” tweeted Spike Cohen, an activist for Constitutional rights and freedoms in America, on February 1. On January 15, Mary announced on Facebook that she had a renewed sense of the Holy Spirit and the ability to speak in tongues. “After watching the livestream, some of Mary’s family members confronted her and called 911 when she refused to recant her beliefs,” continued Cohen.

However, after Mary’s livestream, some of her family members went to her home and confronted her when she refused to recant her beliefs. “When Mary stood firm in her beliefs, her family members called 911,” Cohen added.

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Alaska State Troopers arrived at Mary’s home and after determining that she posed no threat, they asked her if she wanted her family members to be cited for trespassing. “Mary simply wanted them to leave, and so they did, along with the Troopers,” said Cohen.

However, a few hours later, two other Troopers, pictured above, responded to a 911 call claiming that there was a signed order from a judge to place Mary in an involuntary psychiatric hold. “Unfortunately, the Troopers did not verify the validity of the order before kidnapping Mary and taking her to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center,” explained Cohen.

Once at the medical center, Mary was subjected to various medical procedures, including blood work, CT scans, and EKG, and was even injected with psychotropic drugs against her will, all under police watch. “This is a clear violation of Mary’s rights and freedoms,” stated Cohen.

The Alaska Department of Public Safety asked the Alaska Court System to provide documents associated with the order, but their request was denied, as well as a request for documents related to the 911 caller. “The validity of the court order was called into question and on January 24th, the Alaska Court System issued a statement saying that the court order was invalid,” reported Cohen.

“Who gave the Troopers the bogus order? Why didn’t they verify it first before kidnapping Mary? Was a judge even involved in this invalid order? Was Mary targeted by government officials for her religious beliefs?” asked Cohen. “These are important questions that neither the Alaska Department of Public Safety nor the Alaska Court System have answered.”

Cohen concluded the thread by emphasizing the importance of holding government officials accountable for their actions. “Thankfully, Mary is home safe, but that’s not nearly enough. It’s long past time to end government immunity and hold bad actors accountable for their actions, so that travesties like what Mary went through don’t continue to happen.”

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