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Pastor Preaches Sermon Blaming “White Supremacy” for Death of Black Man Killed by Black Cops

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These people are so predictable that it isn’t even funny. Last week, following the death of Tyre Nichols, a black man who was beaten by five black cops and ultimately died in the hospital from the trauma several days later, I predicted that the usual race-baiters would be out in full force looking for a way to blame the incident on “white supremacy.”

It didn’t take long. My first prediction was that one regular professing “Christian” race baiter named Kyle Howard would do exactly this:

The very next day, this was his response:

Now, the pastor of a church is preaching sermons saying the exact same thing. Dr. Christopher McKee, Jr. Church Of Oakland Jacksonville preached a sermon this weekend once again blaming the incident on “white supremacy.”

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“Let’s be clear, racism is bigger, especially on an institutional and structural level than black and white,” he said.

“Racism is a system, and when you are in a system, you can do the system’s bidding whether you look like the dominant culture or notβ€”that is why we have violence in our communities. That’s why we have all sorts of situations where we devalue black life because it is a system at work and when you do know that it can work on its…”

Interestingly, he never mentioned how the abortion “system” devalues black lives.


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