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Social Justice Coalition Attacks Owen Strachan and Starts an “Inclusive” Story Hour at Libraries to Counter Him

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The Drag Queen Story Hour phenomenon is a vile, disgusting, and reprehensible attempt to normalize sexual perversion and groom innocent children into accepting and embracing it. It is utterly abhorrent that the Coalition for Social Justice is so shamelessly and recklessly desperate to push their corrupt, immoral agenda that they are willing to target and exploit innocent and vulnerable children in order to further it.

It is utterly repugnant that the Coalition for Social Justice is so unrepentantly eager to implement their indecent agenda that they are willing to exploit children, who are not equipped or mature enough to understand what is happening, in order to advance their cause. This is an abomination that should never be allowed or accepted in any civilized society.

The very idea of exposing children to such a perverse and depraved agenda is an affront to decency, morality, and common sense. It is an act of depravity and an egregious violation of the rights of children to be left alone and not be forced into accepting and embracing something they are not mature enough to understand or consent to.

The Drag Queen Story Hour is a deplorable, repugnant, and immoral attempt to normalize sexual perversion and groom children into accepting and embracing it. Yet, the Coalition for Social Justice is defending it and even launching a new story hour to oppose the recently started Pastor Story Hour.

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The Pastor Story Hour was started in response to the Drag Queen Story Hour. The Pastor Story Hour was launched as a counter-movement, with the aim of providing an alternative source of moral guidance and education for children, based on traditional Christian values and teachings. It seeks to provide children with a positive and uplifting experience, one that focuses on the message of Jesus Christ and His gospel.

Unlike the Drag Queen Story Hour, the Pastor Story Hour does not seek to push a perverted sexual agenda or indoctrinate children with any particular sexual ideology. Instead, it seeks to provide an age-appropriate truth balanced with the gospel of Jesus Christ, while also teaching children positive biblical values and respect for others.

Yet, it has been met with fierce resistance from those who desire unfettered access to vulnerable children. These people, literally dressed like circus clowns, have accused conservative Christians of being homophobic and intolerant, which is, of course, absurd. It is easily demonstrated from the tweets below by the Coalition for Social Justice exactly who the “intolerant” ones are in this saga.

The attempt to link Pastor Story Hour with the so-called “alt right” movement is a further example of their desperation and an obvious attempt to discredit those who stand against their perverse agenda. These attempts are nothing more than a smokescreen to distract from their own malicious intent and the real danger they pose to children.

Owen Strachan, a conservative seminary professor and bible teacher, is well-known within the Evangelical community and is a man of integrity who is simply trying to provide a safe and wholesome alternative to the Drag Queen Story Hour. His attempts to protect children should be applauded, not attacked by the Coalition for Social Justice. The Coalition’s attempts to discredit him are inexcusable and further demonstrate their malicious intent.

The Coalition for Social Justice is a selfish and immoral organization that is willing to do anything to push their agenda, even if it means endangering innocent children.


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