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Major Southern Baptist Church to Hold Ecumenical Conference With Roman Catholic Speakers

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In the past, The Alpha Conference has been hosted by two ecumenical organizations — Major Change, a charismatic Evangelical organization, and Stone to Flesh, a charismatic Roman Catholic ecumenical organization. The two organizations have practically merged into one big ecumenical mess. And in the past, we’ve lambasted Hillsong Church for hosting the conference on their facilities.

But now that Hillsong Church is practically dead from its endless sex scandals among its leadership, Alpha seems to have found a new home—in the Southern Baptist Convention.

First Baptist Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a Southern Baptist congregation according to both the Southern Baptist Convention’s church search engine as well as the church’s website, will be hosting the ecumenical conference this January 2023. On the church’s website under the ‘About’ section, you will see the following, along with a link to the SBC statement of faith:

According to the Alpha Conference website, this year’s conference will be held at the venue of First Baptist Church, Ft Lauderdale:

The address shown is one of the venue addresses for the megachurch which takes up roughly three city blocks:

According to its website, First Baptist Church, Ft. Lauderdale has been heavily involved in Alpha for quite a while. According to the church’s website, “Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over eleven weeks. Each talk looks at a different question around the Christian faith and is designed to create conversation. Week to week we will gather as a group to connect over a meal, watch a video on the basics of the Christian faith, and discuss what we think in an honest and safe environment.”

However, Alpha is a horribly dangerous ecumenical movement that minimizes the gospel in favor of a watered-down “mere Christianity” type of religious movement that denies many of the essential tenets of the faith. In fact, this year’s conference will not only host several Roman Catholic speakers and a number of women pastors—all in contradiction to the Southern Baptist Convention statement of faith that FBC Ft. Lauderdale claims to hold to—it will also be partnering with a neighboring Roman Catholic Church to hold a Catholic Mass during the conference:

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The entire idea of the conference is to bury the distinctions between biblical Christianity and other false churches, particularly the Roman Catholic Church and the New Apostolic Reformation. On the first evening of the three-day conference, participants will be able to take a 12-minute walk to St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, just a few blocks away, to participate in a Roman Catholic Mass:

The Southern Baptist Convention’s priorities are truly astounding. Rather than focusing on the pressing issues facing the organization, such as churches spreading false teachings and leading people astray, the Convention has instead chosen to prioritize the most crucial issue of all: rooting out the elusive and terrifying threat of Racism and White Supremacy. How could anyone possibly sleep at night knowing that these heinous evils might be lurking in the shadows? It’s a good thing the SBC elites are on the case, devoting all of their time and resources to this vital cause. Meanwhile, the spread of false gospels and the endangerment of souls can go ahead and take a back seat, no big deal. So, bravo to the SBC for staying focused on what truly matters.


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