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Elijah List Announces Yet Another List of “Prophecies” by False Prophets About Trump’s Return to Office

by | Dec 26, 2022 | Apostasy, Cult, News, Opinion, Politics, Religion, The Church, US | 0 comments

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It’s always a good time when the self-proclaimed prophets come out with their latest and greatest predictions about the future, especially when it comes to the return of Donald Trump to office and other political prophecies. And boy, have these false prophets not disappointed us! They have consistently made some of the most outrageous and hilarious prophecies that have never, ever come true. Let’s take a look at some of their upcoming fails released by Elijah List today:

First up, we have Kat Kerr, who has declared that “President Trump doesn’t have to run again to get his seat back!” and encouraged her followers to “sit back. Laugh. Eat cake and enjoy the show.” Well, that’s a bold prediction and one that self-proclaimed prophet after self-proclaimed prophet has been making over and over since prior to the 2020 elections. We’re still waiting for that one to come true, Kat. Keep us updated, will you?

Next up, we have Johnny Enlow, who has claimed that “an immense, globally public JUSTICE BOOM is incoming” and that “the more the enemy overreaches the more it will backfire!” Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see justice. But we’re still waiting for that justice boom, Johnny. Maybe it got stuck in traffic or something.

Barry Wunsch also made us laugh with his prophecies, declaring that “this is not a revival! This is My great awakening!” and that “my hand still rests upon a man called Donald J. Trump in this hour!” I’m not against Trump, he did good things while he was in office and if he were somehow to get back in, I’d still suport him. But can we really say that God’s hand still “rests” on Trump? Doesn’t look likely, but I guess we’ll see. But what we can say for sure is that we’re pretty sure that Trump’s hand is still on his Truth Social account, but hey, at least we have Barry’s hand to keep us warm at night.

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Donna Rigney had us in stitches with her prophecies, claiming that “I will arise and my grand rescue event will unfold! I will not disappoint my children!” and that “this overturning will bring a sudden standstill to all the ways and schemes of the enemies of yours and mine!” We’re not sure what kind of grand rescue event Donna has planned, but we’re pretty sure it involves a lot of hot air.

Hank Kunneman also made us guffaw so loudly the neighbors complained with his “prophecies,” declaring that “there will be reversals that will reset this earth!” and that “you call it a midterm…I call it a mid-turn!” Well, Hank, it looks like the earth is still turning, but at least you gave us a good chuckle. God is in control.

Amanda Grace had us rolling on the floor with her prophecies, claiming that “I am calling America forth out of the dark place it has been in!” and that “I, the Lord God, shall cause those in branches and pentagons, secret agencies to scramble.” We know about the corruption in the CIA. We know about the corruption in the FBI. And we know that the leadership in America has no fear of God. But we’re pretty sure that the only thing scrambling right now is Amanda’s brain.

Finally, we have Robin Bullock, who claimed that “the wicked have been called into the court of Heaven!” Now, we’re not exactly sure which court Robin is referring to, but we have a feeling it’s not the kind with actual judges and lawyers. However, we do know that God is the ultimate judge, jury, and executioner, and justice will ultimately prevail. And as for Bullock, well, we have a feeling he might be sitting in his own trial one day, hearing the dreaded words of Jesus: “depart from me, I never knew you.” Repent!

Of course, we would love to see justice prevail in this nation and see our freedoms protected. And by “love,” we mean that we would be absolutely thrilled to see corrupt politicians exposed and brought to justice. Because let’s be real, who wouldn’t enjoy seeing the downfall of corrupt politicians? But hey, even if that doesn’t happen, we can always rely on the fact that God is just and will eventually bring justice to everyone, regardless of what happens in America. As for these false prophets and their so-called “predictions,” well, it’s possible that some of them might technically come true. But if any of it does come to pass, it won’t be because they actually received any divine revelation.

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